St Luke


Only the east window contains stained glass. It dates from 1839 and comprises mainly heraldic and geometrical pattern work in bright and varying colours. It was commissioned by William Mandell, B.D., vice-president of Queens' College, Cambridge who inserted the motto 'Quod vult Deus volo' (What God wills, I will).

There is some medieval glass within the window, evidently from elsewhere in the church, and salvaged for reuse as follows:

Tracery, second light from north contains a veiled woman's head, an angel or child's head and a roundel with crowned IHS in yellow stain (15th century)

Tracery, fifth light from the north consists of a crowned, bearded head above a blue lion passant

At the foot of the centre main light is a saint, possibly St Michael (15th century)

The north main light contains a gargoyle in yellow and various quarries, a scroll, a grotesque ass in brown wash, an arch in yellow stain, a yellow acorn and leaves, a chevron and cross, and many fragments (15th century)

The north main light also contains two labels, leaded in sideways and back to front, 'Scus Nicholaus' and 'Scus Johannes' in Lombardic lettering on brown (14th century)

The east window

Veiled woman's
head, angel or
child's head and
Crowned head
and lion passant
Fragments in
the north light
St Michael (?)
at the bottom
of the centre light
Fragments in
the north light
Fragments in
the north light