St Nicholas


Until recently the western tower contained a ring of 3 bells:

  Inscription Size Weight
1 JESUS BE OURE SPEDE 26.5" c.3cwt
2 GOD SAVE HIS CHURCH 1724 27.25" c.3.5cwt



29.875" c.5cwt
The bellframe Carved vertical
bellframe post

The bells were formerly hung in a wooden frame, Elphick type V, Pickford Group 6.B for 3 bells with wooden headstocks and plain bearings. One vertical post of the bellframe is carved, and evidently reused from elsewhere and appears to be of the 15th or early 16th century. The state of repair of the frame prevented full use of the bells which have been removed due to the redundancy of the church. All bells retain their canons, and in 2016 were awaiting new use. The frame has been retained.

The treble bell is by Henry Oldfield using his small Gothic capital letters. The 2nd is by William Noone using his Roman capital letters. The tenor is by Henry Dand in the period 1558-1598.

George Dawson notes that there were four bells in 1740.

Churchwarden’s accounts for October 1837 record a repair to a bell wheel for one shilling; and bell repairs in 1872 for six shillings.