Hockerton St Nicholas


Headstones in
the churchyard
Grave of Philip St George
Duncan Smith

The small churchyard surrounds the church on three sides; the east end of the church abuts the garden of the former parsonage, now in private hands.

Surviving grave-markers, both horizontal and upright, date mainly from the 19th and 20th centuries; many inscriptions are indecipherable. There is a fine upright Welsh slate marker dated 1819; also under the yew trees are several similar horizontal markers of slate, one dated 1827.

A grave-marker close to the south porch is dedicated to John Smith, rector from 1913-1915; and to his son, Philip St George Duncan Smith, born 1897, a private in the Lincolnshire Regiment who 'gave his life for his country, 1st September 1917.'

At the southern edge of the churchyard are the grave-markers of two rectors: John Pritchard Mills, died 1855, and David Morgan, died 1927.

There are two ancient yew trees.

The parish register exists [both original and transcription] for 1582-1837 at Nottinghamshire Archives. Also there is a microfiche for 1582-1902. The current register kept at the church commences in 1962.