Holme St Giles


The organ case

The organ was built by Cousans & Sons, formerly of City Organ Works, Lincoln. The firm has since relocated to Leicester. It is a Cousans ‘Premier’ model with mechanical action and is around a hundred years old. It has three 8 foot lengths and an octave coupler.

Affixed to the organ are brass candleholders on iron brackets, one on each side of the cabinet, which are jointed in the middle to effect adjustment of the light for the keyboard as the church was without electricity at the time of the installation up until the 1950s.

On the right hand side of the cabinet a wooden handle protrudes which was used to pump the organ manually until, with an electricity supply, an organ blower was purchased to power the process.

The keyboard has 29 white and 20 black keys. The stops are marked:

Bourdon   16ft
Dulciana   8ft
Flute   4ft
Open Diapason   8ft

With thanks to Paul Hale and Julian Paul for this entry.