Hyson Green
St Stephen


There is a small bell turret for a single bell at the western end of the church.

The original bell was of steel and dated from the rerection of the church in 1889. It had no inscription and measured 23.375"

Electronic bells were dedicated in December 1948, and supplemented the original bell. The new bells were a gift of Mrs Oldham and Mr Gee in memory of their late father and mother.

In 1992, the electronic bells were removed and the steel bell scrapped, and the bell from St Augustine’s, Basford was installed in the tower. (It had been installed in another church before coming to St Augustine’s.) This bell is hung for swing chiming in a small fabricated steel frame. It is inscribed with the date 1792, weighs 1.2.1 and measures 19.125".

The old bell,
now scrapped
The new bell being
installed in 1992
The bell turret

Note that there was a small bell supplied by Taylors in about 1880 for the Iron Church which preceded St Stephen’s. This was lever-chimed, weighed 0.3.8 and measured 15".