St Wilfrid


It is not known whether the church destroyed in the fire of 1907 was fitted with a clock. After the rebuilding, St Wilfrid’s had a clock, but only after 1911. It may be that there had been a previous clock which was damaged in the fire and then repaired and brought back into use. It may then be the case (but this is speculation) that the repaired clock proved to be unsatisfactory and a decision was taken, four years after the rebuilding, to purchase a new clock.

The clock fitted in 1911 was manufactured and installed by Copes of Nottingham. It was maintained by Copes initially, but latterly was attended to both by WJ Furse and Co Ltd of Nottingham and by Smith of Derby. Thorough cleaning, maintenance and adjustment is recorded by Smith of Derby in 1966, gilding of the clock face by Furse in 1973 and re-glazing and painting by Smith in 1983.

In 2001, when two new treble bells were added to the peal in the tower, all bells were rehoused in a new steel frame at one level and rehung with refurbished fittings. A new floor was also provided above the bells and these changes meant that the existing clock had to be replaced. A new clock was manufactured and fitted by Smith of Derby as part of the bell-tower project.