Laneham St Peter

Features and Fittings


The base of the altar table is decorated around the edges with a scroll pattern and is 16th century.

Altar rails

Made of oak. Formerly painted but stripped and cleaned and moved to current position during 1891 church restoration. The gates have brass plaques reading:

To the Glory of God

and in memory of Eliza Catherine Husband who died June 20th 1870.

Altar chair

Wooden with red cushion.

Altar candles

There are two candle holders in front of the altar. They have a wooden base supporting a metal holder.

Sanctuary Lamp

This carries the dedication:

‘To The Glory of God’
and in memory of C. F. Rowsell
27 years warden an
G.H.Walker, 52 years warden
of Laneham Parish Church
by grateful parishioners and friends 1950


The 12th century, round, ashlar limestone font is decorated with tall arcades and set into the base of an arcade pier. This is an unusual place for a font. It was probably originally near the south door but moved to present position when the north aisle was built. It has a pointed wooden lid. Previously there was some form of pulley system evidenced by a bracket inserted in one of the pillars of the north aisle.

The font lid has a dedication:

In Memory of
Mrs. Elizabeth Rowsell,
organist, Laneham church
1913 – 1956
Dedicated August 2nd 1959


The panelled oak pulpit is 17th century and is inscribed ‘Soli Deo Honor Et Gloria’ (To God alone be honour and glory).

Old South Door

Medieval door comprising four V-edged boards. The rear framing has two saltire crosses with a horizontal beam between them. The edge band around the top of the door ends in split curls. There are two hinge-straps ending in thin tendrils, and two C-straps ending in split curls. The door is now hung on the west wall of the nave adjacent to entrance to the church.

Dendrochronological analysis of the timbers provides a felling date of 1157-78. The full report is available here.


There are three lecterns. Two are in use, situated under the chancel arch, one modern, and the other, with a column and four feet, was bought in 1891. Both made of wood. The other lectern is situated in the chancel by the south wall. It has intricate iron work with a wooden reading surface.

Hymn Board

This has a silver-coloured inscription reading:

In Memory of the Rev. J. Trever Gibson, vicar of this church 1958 – 1979.

‘I’ll Praise my Maker while I’ve Breath’

Poor Notice

Wooden, reading as follows:

The Poor shall have two Shillings worth of Bread every Sunday and a supply of Coals in Winter, from the rent of two acres of Poor Land, situate in the Parish of Laneham, and Ten Shillings yearly, in Bread and money at Christmas, from the rent of a Garden situate at the East end of the Churchyard left by Rev’d Edmund Wallis to the Vicar of Laneham


There are two types of pew. The majority, 14, are beautifully chamfered 17th century benches made of oak. They were once rejected and stored in the tower, but brought back into the church when the 1891 restoration was completed. The rest are made of deal and were introduced at the time of the 1891 restoration.

A plaque on the west wall of the nave reads:

The Incorporated Church Building Society granted £25 in 1890 towards, reseating and repairing the church. All the seats are for the free use of the Parishioners according to law.

Choir stalls

Installed 1891.

Memorial Book and Case

The case is dedicated:

Dedicated to Mary Elizabeth Sinclair

1928 - 1987


There are two oak chests both with iron fittings.  The one in the nave is large and decorated with three trefoil lancet openings cut into the foot of each style, and three chip-carved stars carved on the styles; the original hinges were designed as pivots on the rear styles, but iron straps have been introduced instead. Dendrochronological analysis of the chest concludes that 'a construction date of the third quarter of the 13th-century seems most likely.' The full report is available here.

The other chest is in the vestry is 16th century and plain.


18th century panelling.

Other Items

By entrance to tower, A side table made of oak with top drawer and 4 “barley twist” legs probably late 19th.century.

By the vestry, an essay behind glass in a wooden frame providing visitors with the history of the church, written by the wife of Rev. Lamour.

On the west wall of the nave is a notice behind glass in a wooden frame “Decade of Evangelism 1900 -2000”.

Black and white, on north wall of north aisle, a photograph entitled:

The Rev. Samuel Skene, Vicar of this parish from 1904-1920 with his seven sons – all ordained priests. The photograph was taken in Laneham Village Grounds on June 29th. 1919.

Skene also had one daughter who married a clergyman.