Laneham St Peter


Annunciation Medieval glass

1Southeast Window. Late Decorated 1350-65 One complete tracery.

The remaining stained glass in this is medieval. The glass survives in one section of the tracery and appears to depict an Annunciation scene. On a ruby ground Our Lady sits on a white and yellow stain oblong throne, dressed in white with a plain yellow cloak gathered over her knees and covering her shoulders. Her hands are together in prayer, the long hair is yellow and the crown has three points. To her right a kneeling angel in alb and white amice with hatched apparel, bare feet, short curly hair, yellow halo and two wings, holds an incense boat in the right hand and censes with the left, kneeling on the right knee.

A small section of medieval stained glass also survives at the top of one of the main lights. This is clearly the remnant of an original yelow and white border to the panel.

2A further small section of medieval stained glass survives in the Southwest Window. Shield, heater shaped, the ground of blue diaper, charged with 9 orange (pot-metal) crosslets for Pelmore or de Ridoe according to G S Dixon of Holton le Moor Hall, Lincs.

3The east end of the chancel has a multifoil 19th century stained glass panel in the upper part of the window, with two quatrefoil stained glass lights below. All comprise multi-coloured geometrical shapes. There is also some plain, blue-tinted glass in the east window.