Littleborough St Nicholas


Archival Sources

University of Nottingham Manuscripts and Special Collections

AN/PB 294/1/82

Churchwardens’ presentment, Littleborough, 1602 (c)

AN/PB 294/1/243

Churchwardens’ presentment, Littleborough, 1603

AN/PB 295/3/9

Churchwardens’ presentment, Littleborough, 30/6/1612

AN/PB 339/1/32

Churchwardens’ presentment, Littleborough, 15/5/1620

AN/PB 339/3/87

Churchwardens’ presentment, Littleborough, 1622

AN/PB 341/5/29

Churchwardens’ presentment, Littleborough, 19/10/1637

AN/PB 343/353

Churchwardens’ presentment, Littleborough, 2/7/1673

AN/PB 344/380

Churchwardens’ presentment, Littleborough, 18/4/1684

AN/PB 344/483

Churchwardens’ presentment, Littleborough, 8/5/1685

AN/PB 344/637

Churchwardens’ presentment, Littleborough, 20/10/1686

AN/PB 347/789

Churchwardens’ presentment, Littleborough, 14/10/1718

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Newspaper Articles

Nottinghamshire Guardian, various dates.