St Denis


There are two small bells, a tenor and a treble, hung in a small belfry within the western tower. They were re-hung in a new galvanised steel bell frame by Eayre & Smith Ltd. in 1990 and the old timber frame was then deposited in the Nottinghamshire Bell Museum. The design of this earlier frame was said by Dr Christopher Brooke in 1983 to be quite unlike any other 18th century frame in the diocese.

The Tenor Bell

This is the larger of the two bells being 19" in diameter. It dates from the 15th century from the Nottingham Foundry. The bell was cast with 6 canons, though over the years two have broken off. Weight 1 cwt 1qr 6lb.

The Treble Bell

This is 15⅜" in diameter and dates from the 17th century. It was also cast with the standard 6 canons, one of which has broken away. Weight 2qr 21lb.

The two bells
while removed
The tenor bell The frame in situ
in 1982
The frame removed
for transportation
Bell frame installed
in 1990