Morton St Denis


The organ is sited at the rear of the church and is a single manual pipe organ, built by W Hadfield of 199, Hackney Road, London. It was installed in St Denis church in 1967 by Cantrill Bros of Castle Donington, who had acquired it from a Methodist church of much the same size and period. Cantrill had also carried out some restoration work, which included stripping the casing and re-staining the wood a dark colour and also altering the case slightly to take a 30 note pedal board coupled to the keys, instead of an 18 note board. The organ has been maintained now for many years by Cousans of Leicester.


Open Diapason   8'
Gamba   8'
Flute   8'
Stopped Diapason Bass
Principal   4'
Fifteenth   2'
Octave Coupler
Balanced Swell Pedal

Previous Organ

The organ replaced in 1967 was a two manual and pedal reed organ with an electric blower, which had been installed in 1945. This, like its predecessor, a harmonium, had been located at the front of the church on the north side of the nave, hidden from view by a curtain.