Morton St Denis

Features and Fittings

The east end, showing
altar and rails


The altar table is of solid oak with four legs and stretchers and was made in 1972 by Watts & Co. of London. It was given to the church by M V Argyle QC.

Communion Rails

The communion rails were installed in 1967. They are in two unconnected sections, the rails being of light oak with wrought iron supports in an ivy leaf design in black and gilt.

Credence Table

There is a small dark oak credence table placed in the apse to the left of the altar. This has a brass plate bearing the inscription:


Frontal Cupboard

There is a wooden frontal cupboard situated behind the altar on which the cross is placed. Until 1953 there was a reredos positioned here, but this was removed when it was found to have woodworm.


The lectern is of solid English oak and was made by David Rawson, of Stapleford, Lincs. in 1984. There is a brass plate affixed to the cross bar at the base with the inscription:

In Loving memory of Ada Mary Hill 1890-1981 and Ira Hill 1897-1982

Given by their family in gratitude for their caring and example. Seek and ye shall find.

Small Lectern

A small light oak lectern is now generally put out for use at services. This was given:

In Memory of Margaret Harrison 1922-2009

Table for Memorial Book

The Memorial Book sits on an old lectern which was specially cut down for the purpose.


The pews are of pine, each seating four people comfortably, and were installed in 1890 when the church was re-seated. There are now fifteen pews, several having been removed when alterations were made to the interior in 1967.


The font is sited at the rear of the church near the organ. It is of concrete and has a plain circular bowl on a plain octagonal column, with a small circular base placed on a square plinth. There is an octagonal oak cover with a wrought iron handle, the cover sitting loosely on the top of the bowl.

History Summary

On the north wall is a framed, decorated document giving a brief summary of the history of the Church of St Denis.


A pine bookcase and cupboard is positioned at the west end of the church on the south side of the door commissioned by the PCC in 2007 to hold the service books.

Table and notice
board in the porch

In the Porch


There is a semi-circular plain oak table made for the purpose in Yorkshire, which was given by M V Argyle QC in 1971.

Notice Board

The notice board which is positioned above the porch table is in memory of Olive M Bagguley 1905-71.