The story of the organs used at Emmanuel, is one of a struggle to raise funds and make do. The church had a total of three different organs used during its life. The first, an old second-hand one, had by 1884 begun to break down and become inoperative, even with the assistance of two burly men. In response to the impending doom of the church organ, Mr J R Allen gave a gift of £50 to purchase a replacement organ previously owned by the Friar Lane Congregationalist Church. A further £75 was raised and paid to Messers Lloyd to remove, repair and enlarge it. This second organ was by this point around 100 years old, having been purchased second-hand by the Congregationalists. It does appear on balance not to have been a good investment, as by 1891 a series of monthly musical services was held to raise additional funds to clean and repair the organ. The problem of the church organ was finally resolved in 1903 by the purchase of a new organ, for the large sum of £650 from Messrs Musson and Compton; it was to be housed in the newly constructed organ chamber. A technical specification for this organ is available on the National Pipe Organ Register website.