St Andrew


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Key to Stained Glass

St. Andrew's has a large number of stained glass windows, the majority being lancet windows.


Window 1 Main rose window
of Window 1
Lancet windows
of Window 1

The chancel features a three-light east window, depicting the Crucifixion and a further three rose windows which were also the work of by Heaton, Butler & Bayne (Window 1). The windows were commissioned by Mr W. Dixon of Gedling Grove, a member of the congregation. The near life-size figure of Christ upon on the Cross occupies the central lancet window, whilst the left window includes the figures of the Virgin Mary, and St. John and the right window depicts St. Peter and St. Andrew. In the apex of the left and right windows are the initials 'A' (alpha) and 'O' (Omega), to represent the beginning and the end. Located directly above the three light window are the three rose windows with plate tracery: a large central window which is flanked by two smaller windows. The central rose window features the Lamb of God, surrounded by the heads of cherubim, whilst the two smaller windows are of a trefoil design and feature emblems of the Crucifixion. In 1879 the windows were described as being of a ‘design of dignified and harmonious character’ and providing ‘a great improvement to the church’.

Window 2 Window 3

There are two coloured lancet clerestory windows on the north elevation of the chancel and a further two on the south elevation, depicting the Resurrection (Window 2) and the Ascension of Jesus Christ (Window 3).

North and South Aisles

The north and south aisles each feature six lancet windows (Windows 4-9 and Windows 12-17) and two west windows (Windows 10 and 11).

South Aisle Windows

Window 4 Window 5 Window 6 Window 7 Window 8 Window 9

Window 10

Window 6 is by Gibbs & Howard of London. Windows 8 and 9 date from 1904 and are by C. E. Kempe of London.

Most of the windows have inscriptions:

Window 4

To the glory of God
and in memory of
Mary Farmer, who
died January 17th 1897.
This window is
erected by her daughter
Agnes M. Fleming.

Window 5

To the Glory of God and in memory of
James Hamerton born June 24 1820 died Jany 11 1881
This window is erected by his Widow and Children.

Window 6

In affectionate remembrance of Arthur William son of William and
Susannah Dixon who died at Frankfort 1st December 1876 aged 17 years

Window 7

To the Glory of God
and in memory of
William Henry Lee
who died Aug 12th 1908.

Window 10

Ad Dei gloriam et in memoriam William Ford qui obit xx die mensis Augusti AD mdcccxci

North Aisle Windows

Window 11 Window 12 Window 13 Window 14 Window 15 Window 16 Window 17

Window 12 is by Ward & Hughes of London and dates to 1895. Windows 15 and 16 are by Gibbs & Howard of London.

Most of the windows have inscriptions:

Window 11

Ad Dei gloriam et in memoriam William Ford qui obit xx die mensis Augusti AD mdcccxci

Window 13

On 2 April 1910 a service was held to dedicate the stained-glass window which had been installed on the north end of the Church. It depicts St Matthew holding the Gospel, a Martyr's palm and a scroll inscribed, ‘Lay up your selves treasures in heaven’, and commemorates the late Henry Mellers. The accompanying memorial inscription states:

Ad dei gloriam
et in memoriam
Henry Mellers qui
obit II die mensis

Window 14

In 1906, a new stained-glass window was installed in the north aisle of the church for the purpose of commemorating the late Herbert Stephen Irons of 10, Villa Road, Nottingham, who had been organist of St. Andrew's for over 29 years and died in 1905 aged 71. The commemorative window, depicting the figure of St. John the Baptist, was accompanied by a raised bronze tablet, affixed to the chancel wall.

Window 15

In memory of Elizabeth Elliot Irons who died 12th Dec 1879
and of her brother William Elliot Baker who died 4th Jan 1880
They were lovely and pleasant in their lives and in their death they were not changed

Window 16


Window 17


West Elevation

Window 24 South lancet Centre lancet North lancet

The original west elevation of the church includes a large and ornate rose window with plate tracery which is placed at a considerable height. Below the rose window are three stained glass lancet windows (Window 24). The west windows are believed to have been produced in 1871, by the renowned stained glass manufacturers, Heaton, Butler and Bayne, of Garrick Street, London.

The adjoining western baptistery, which was erected in 1884, features buttress walls, a traceried parapet and six stained glass, rather squat lancet windows (Windows 18-23). Four of these lancet windows are situated on the west elevation, which forms the boundary wall onto Mansfield Road, whilst a further two are located on the north and south elevations respectively. These appear to correspond with the windows which were unveiled on Saturday 17 April 1897 by the Bishop of Southwell. The windows were commissioned to commemorate the late vicar of St. Andrew's, the Reverend Frank Woods, and illustrate the parable of the Good Shepherd. The commission, which is estimated to have cost an estimated 260 guineas, was again given to Heaton, Butler and Bayne. It should be noted, however, that Window 22 is by Gibbs & Howard of London and Window 23 is signed 'Andrew Stoddart, Nott'm.'

Window 18 Window 19 Window 20 Window 21 Window 22 Window 23

Most of the windows have inscriptions:

Window 18
To the Glory of God and
in memory of Henry Lee who
died Aug 5th 1860 and Elizabeth
his Wife who died Dec 22nd 1841.
Window 19
In affectionate memory of Julia Annie Clark of New Basford
who died December 6th 1882 aged 28 years
Window 20
In loving memory of Sophia Rose who died August 5th 1881 aged 78 years
erected by her son in law Robert Henry Dean February 1883
Window 23
To the Glory of God
and in loving memory
of Walter Hollis Long
1910    1931