Nottingham St Andrew

List of Incumbents

Vicars (1871-2014)

1871-October 1886

Henry Jemson Tebbutt.

19th November, 1886-15th January 1896

Frank Woods

16th April 1896–1910  

Frederick Richard Pyper

13th December 1911-1928

Ernest John Bardsley

15th March, 1929-8th May, 1939

John Waring

9th May, 1939-1st May, 1967

Robert Deaville

8th July, 1967-31st October, 1974

Richard Crowson


Charles Marriott

20th December, 1974-6th May, 1980

John Burgess

7th May, 1980–c.1983

Ronald Gordon Lacey (retired due to ill health)

15th January, 1984-15th July, 1991

Reginald Arthur Walton

18th March, 1992-9th July, 2013

Richard Clark

As of July 2013 St Andrew’s was without a vicar and was served by visiting priests.