Ratcliffe on Soar Holy Trinity

List of Incumbents

Early Rectors

The first rectors (and patrons) were as follows:

W De-Shenedon Collated 22nd February 1239  
Henry de Halton Instituted 28th October 1270 Prior and Convent of Norton Cheshire
Richard de Hertford Instituted 3rd June 1292 and 1st June 1293  
John de Sandale    
Walter de Alford Instituted 17th March 1326 Prior and Convent of Norton Cheshire
John Gerard 1st November 1331 " "
Walter de Melburn 1st August 1342 " "
Robert de Treford   " "
John de Ditton August 1352 " "
Henry de Blakeburn 7th December 1359 " "
John de Kyneton 1359 " "

Regarding John de Sandale – Dean of St Paul’s, Bishop of Winchester, 1361-1319. It is recorded of him as follows:

A very great man and a native of Yorkshire. Archdeacon of Richmond, prebendary of Gevendale and Riccal, Canon of Beverly and Southwell, Incumbent of Stilling fleet and Lockington in Yorkshire and Ratcliffe on Soar, Nottinghamshire. Canon of Lincoln and London, Treasurer of Litchfield and prebendary of Howden. Rector of Simondburne, Northumberland. Rector of North Mimms, Hertfordshire. 1312. Chancellor of the exchequer, Treasurer and Lord Chancellor of England. Chamberlain of Scotland and much employed on state business.

Vicars, from the 14th Century

Thomas de Basford 10th September 1385 Prior and Convent of Burscough Lancashire
Richard Gower 3rd March 1391 " "
Richard Balle   " "
Richard de Wynwyke 27th November 1416 " "
John Ray   " "
William Hickson 13th March 1419 " "
William Wilme   " "
Hugo Beton Instituted 14th December 1429 " "
Richard Ives   " "
Laurence Whalley 4th February 1450 " "
James Allerton 14th February 1461 " "
John Buttiller 20th October 1471 " "
John Prescott 28th January 1478 " "
Henry Riding 9th June 1497 " "
Hector Ridyng 23rd November 1497  
Thomas Wynter 21st December 1509  
John Rolston 5th March 1543 King Henry VIII
John Drewry 8th June 1553 King Edward VI
Edward Barwell 22nd February 1579  
John Alrede 1st February 1579 Queen Elizabeth

16th to 18th Centuries

There were no further institutions to the benefice until about 1800, and all we know about the intervening period is that Robert Holmes was minister in or about 1679 (his tombstone is in the sanctuary floor), and that in 1743. Ratcliffe was served by Bunny, the Vicar of the latter place being Thomas Poynton, and curate Edward Moises.

Thomas Banham 1590
Richard Francell c1634
R Hancock c1653
H Grove c1662
Robert Holmes ?1668
John Gilbert 1688-1722

18th Century to Present

Thereafter Ratcliffe did not have a resident priest. It was served by other local parish clergy.

Thomas Poynton, Vicar of Bunny 1730-1765  
James Deavin 1765-1773  
Thomas Bentley, Vicar of Lockington 1768-1775  
John Topham, Minister for Thrumpton 1778-1786  
Richard Dodsley, Vicar of Gotham 1783-1790  
Edward Smith 1791-1797  
R D Flamstead 1800-1830  
William Phelps 1830 William Penn, Earl Howe
J J Vaughan, Vicar of Gotham 1835-1882 William Penn
F A Wodehouse, Vicar of Gotham 1882-1916 Earl Howe
R O Jones, Vicar of Gotham 1916-1932 order in Council uniting Ratcliffe with Kingston Lord Belper
C V Brown, Rector of West Leake, Kingston and Ratcliffe 1932-1934  
H N Wrigley, Rector of West Leake, Kingston and Ratcliffe 1936  
P F New, Rector of West Leake, Kingston and Ratcliffe 1940  
B P Hall 1943  
J F F Marton 1946  
C Brailsford, Rector of Gotham 1953  
J M Williams, Rector of Gotham 1958  
J W Mayer, Rector of Gotham 1963  
N Copeland, Rector of Gotham December 1970  
? Yates 1971  
J Gibson 1971  
A D Williams, Rector of Gotham January 1972-June 1981  
A C Sutherland Rector of Barton, Priest-in-Charge of Thrumpton and Ratcliffe on Soar September 1981-April 1996  
David Gorrick, Rector of Gotham 1996  
Richard Spray. Rector of Barton, Thrumpton & Ratcliffe on Soar    
Stephen Osman, Rector of Gotham 2001  
Richard Coleman 2011