St Saviour

Monuments and Memorials

North side

1A stone monument to Henry Clark Hutchinson aged 10 years, d1847, Nephew of Henry Clark Hutchinson of Welham, Erected by his Aunt.

2A stone monument to Margaret Ann Hutchinson, the wife of the Rev Mr Hutchinson, of East Retford, aged 43 years. Erected by her children.

3A stone monument in the north-east corner reads:

memory of the Revd Charles Hodge M.A.
late Vicar of this parish, who was drowned in the
“Royal Charter” wrecked off the Welsh Coast
on the 26th October 1859, in the 53rd year of his age.

Erected by the Congregation of this Church in
affectionate remembrance of their lamented
Pastor, who for fifteen years ministered to
them in faithfulness and love the Gospel of
Jesus Christ.

“I determined not to know anything among
you save Jesus Christ and him crucified

I Cor.II.2

And the sea gave up its dead which were
in it”

Rev XIX.13

This monument featured on BBC television on 9th August 2010 - when the programme Who do you think you are? revealed that the Rev Charles Hodge was the great-great-grandfather of the TV Celebrity Monty Don.

South Side

4In the south-east corner, a stone memorial to:

Mary Elizabeth Holmes, aged 30, d1845
Henry Spence Holmes, aged 3 months, d1842
Emily Marian Holmes, aged 3 years, d1845

5In the south-east corner, a marble memorial to the Rev LD Howarth, Vicar of Clarborough and St Saviours 1877-1913, died Oct 1927, aged 82.

6A marble monument to Ann Bigsby, aged 66, daughter of John Bigsby who died 4 January 1862.

7A marble memorial to John Bigsby, MD, died 2 March 1844, age 84.

8A marble memorial to Mary Clark, died 1851, age 65.

On the Organ Case

9A brass plaque in memory of George Slaney, Sunday School Superintendent, who died 1895.

10A brass plaque to Thomas Cottam J P, Church Warden, who died 1901.