St Helen



At the time of the 1877 renovation a new organ was presented to the church by Mrs J Whiteley. This was built by C Lloyd and Co of Nottingham. Charles Lloyd was a pipe organ builder who flourished in Nottingham between 1859 and 1909. One of his achievements was to win a gold medal award for an organ that he constructed for the Birmingham Trade Exhibition in 1865.

The organ installed in Stapleford was enclosed in a stained and varnished deal case and contained the following stops as described by Scattergood:

Great Organ: CC to G (56 notes)
  Open diapason
  Stop bass
  Keraulauphon Harmonic flute
  Three spare slides
Swell Organ: CC to G (56 notes)
  Vox Angelica
Pedal Organ: CCC to E
  Great to Pedal
  Swell to Pedal
  Swell to Great
Two composition pedals


At a vestry meeting on the 7th October 1901 it was resolved to buy a new organ for £450 and in September 1902 a Faculty was obtained for selling the organ, providing a new one and altering the organ chamber. It is not stated why the old organ – only twenty four years old – was not satisfactory.


Today (in 2011) there is no fixed organ at St Helen’s. The Allen electronic organ was removed during the refurbishment in 2008, and the church was using a Yamaha Clavinova in 2011.