Stapleford St Helen


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Historical Pictures:

The church before
the 1877 restoration
The nave before 1877
with box pews
The chancel
before 1877
The church soon
after 1877
Laying the Memorial
Chapel Foundation
in 1923
Restoration of the
in 1932
The church from the
west in 1937
The old cross
outside the churchyard
The interior looking
east in about 1950
Towards the chancel
in 1981, with the
screen still in place
Looking east in 1982,
the screen removed
The west door in
2007, before the
recent reordering

Modern Photographs:

View from the
The south porch
and the tower
The interior
looking east
The interior
looking west
Looking in
through the
new glass doors
The east window The Communion
The font
Figures on the
Tevery monument
The War Memorial Small sphinx in the
The ancient cross