Arnold St Mary


The southern
clock face

In 1867 a public subscription was raised to erect a clock on the Ebenezer Chapel in Arnold. In 1868 the local Board erected a better clock with three dials on the tower of the parish church.

This is a Bosworth turret clock with most of the original mechanism remaining. It was made in 1867 at 110 Parliament Street, Nottingham by Reuben Bosworth and installed in 1868 at a cost of £161 12s 2d. The three dials are painted black with gold numerals. The clock is four feet in diameter, with a double frame movement in cast iron. It can strike every quarter hour on two bells, with a third lower pitch bell to strike the number of the hours. It is wound by hand once a week. The striking mechanism was taken out of use in 1970.

In 1999 Gedling Borough Council gave the church £4,500 as part of the Millennium project to restore the striking and chiming mechanism.