Arnold St Mary


Archival Sources

Nottinghamshire County Archives Office

PR2607        Register 1653-1698 CMB
Interspersed with entries are names of parish officers, sometimes with the sum of money retained by them, at times called the ‘Public Stock’, apparently charitable gifts not yet disbursed. Also random vestry memoranda on state of church fabric, boundaries and parish officers etc.
PR2608 Register 1698-1733 CMB
At rear is a list of parish officers and memoranda about Sacrament money.
PR2609 Register 1733-1754 CMB
At front is memoranda of names of churchwardens 1734
PR2610 Register Christenings 1754-82
Burials 1754-80
Terrier of Arnold vicarage 1759
PR2611 Register Marriages 1754-89
Banns 1754-84
PR2612 Register Christenings 1782-1805
Burials 1780-1805
PR2613 Register Marriages 1789-1813
PR2614 Register Christenings 1806-1812
Burials 1806-1812
PR2615 Register Christenings 1813-32
PR2616 Register Marriages 1813-37
PR2617 Register Burials 1813-42
PR2618 Draft Registers 3 gatherings CB c1758-1778
4 loose papers C 1804-12 nd
PR2619 Exchange of land under order of enclosure commissioners between Vicar of Arnold and Samuel Welfit plan annexed. Reference to land by numbers only. 1 Jan 1857
PR2620 As above between Vicar and Thomas Avison of Liverpool, William Enfield of Nottingham and Alexander Cowan of Manchester. Vicar received Burrows Stockings and the other party Ox Lane Closes. Plan 1 Jan 1857
PR2621 As above between Vicar of Arnold and John Shaw of Lenton. Plan of property by numbers. 1 Jan 1857
PR2622 Bond £1,000
Dispute about vicarial tithes – appointment of arbitrators 25 April 1791
PR2623-26 Terriers of benefice 1764, 1770, 1803, 1817
PR2627 Overseers accounts detailed 1781-83
Constables accounts total only 1780-83
Constables accounts detailed 1783-87
PR2628 Overseers accounts 1783-87
PR2629 Overseers accounts List of those liable for office of surveyor 1788/9 1787-91
PR2630 Overseers accounts 1797-1801
PR2631 Overseers accounts 1801-1803
PR2632 Overseers accounts 1803-1806
PR2633 Overseers accounts 1806-1809
PR2634 Overseers accounts 1809-1810
PR2635 Overseers accounts 1810-1811
PR2636 Overseers accounts 1811-1813
PR2637 Overseers accounts 1813-1814
PR2638 Overseers accounts 1814-1815 Quarter sessions orders at front
PR2639 Overseers accounts 1816-1818
PR2640 Overseer and Guardian of the Poor accounts 1819-1821
PR2641 Overseer accounts inc exemption lists from levies 1821-25
PR2642 Fillingham Charity
PR2643 Minute Book of Free School 1833-1850
PR2644 Papers re scholarship exams 1900-1902
PR2645 Clerk’s rough minute book (Charity) 1886-90
PR2646 Rough accounts 1879-80
PR2647 Bank Book of Nottingham Bank 1893-95
PR2648 Account book 1870-86
PR2649 Arnold Enclosure Act 1789
PR3894 Five Curate’s licences 1907-26
PR3895 Register Christenings 1832-49
PR3896 Register Christenings 1849-65
PR3897 Register Christenings 1865-88
PR3898 Register Christenings 1888-1911
PR3899 Register Marriages 1837-57
PR3900 Register Marriages

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