Arnold St Mary

List of Incumbents

The list of
incumbents in
the church
Date Name and Notes Patron
Not known John de Attelberge Prior & Convent of Launde
7 March 1267

Dns Roy de Martinast (acolyte)

Prior & Convent of Launde

  Dns Nicholas de Welle Clerk
appointed Guardian of Roy de Martinast until he attained lawful age
Archbishop of York (W Giffard)
28 December 1269 Roger de Martinans
Obtained 3 year leave of absence for study from Archbishop Wickwene 1 Aug 1280
Prior & Convent of Launde
15 May 1290 Dns Will de Medburne, priest Prior & Convent of Launde
20 December 1294 Dns Jordan de Lincoln, priest Prior & Convent of Launde
26 June 1315 M John de la Launde, deacon
(buried in church 1347 – granted the benefice of St Mary Nottingham, but died before he became its priest)
Prior & Convent of Launde
4 April 1347 Dns John Cosyn, priest
The Patent Roll records that in 1347 his close house and chests were broken into and goods and money stolen, and his servants and men assaulted.
Prior & Convent of Launde
6 May 1355 Dns Paul Fyn de Lokyngton, chaplain Prior & Convent of Launde
15 May 1355 Dns Will de Burgh, priest Archbishop by lapse
1400 Rectory became a Vicarage in 1400, and a priest was ordained 1408 St Mary’s Leicester
16 October 1417 Dns Tho Kybbeworth, priest Dean and College of Leicester
21 October 1420 Dns Robert Atte Townshend, priest (resigned) Dean and College of Leicester
18 February 1481/2 Dns Will Smyth, priest Dean and College of Leicester
Not known Dns Will Thrumpton, priest (resigned) Dean and College of Leicester
7 July 1434 Dns John Hastlyne, priest Dean and College of Leicester
18 October 1442 Dns Tho Hall, chaplain (died)
Buried in church 18 August 1475, will proved at York
Dean and College of Leicester
6 September 1475 Dns Thomas Clerke, chaplain (died)
Buried in Chapel of St Catherine 4 February 1500, will proved at York
Dean and College of Leicester
5 February 1500/1 Dns Thomas Barowe, priest Dean and College of Leicester
Not known Dns Thomas Howselyn, priest (died) Dean and College of Leicester
19 April 1536 Dns Jac Wellen, Bachelor in Degrees (resigned) Dean and College of Leicester
28 March 1537 Dns Ric Pereson, priest (died) Dean and College of Leicester
8 September 1553 Dns Oliver Heywoode, priest (resigned) Assigns of the Dean and College
1560 Dns Will Grene, clerk (resigned)
In 1566 the vicar was suspended for giving Holy Communion to an excommunicant.
Not known
18 July 1568 Dns John Hayton, clerk (resigned) HM Queen Elizabeth I
2 August 1596 Dns Edward Meeke, clerk (resigned) HM Queen Elizabeth I
27 March 1623 Thomas Naylor, clerk (died)
Buried Arnold 17 November 1631
John Woode, Esq
10 April 1632 Peter Coates, clerk (died) Christiana, Dowager Countess of Devon
c1648 Peter Fullwood, Preaching Minister
Possibly a non-Conformist, who held the tithes when he married the grand-daughter of Sir Francis Willoughby.
Not known
20 July 1683 Daniel Chadwyk, clerk
Buried in Chancel 1701 He left a legacy for the first school in the village.
William, Earl of Devon
26 November 1701 T Fenton William, Duke of Devon
8 June 1721 Joseph Chadwick, BA
Buried in Chancel 1744, wife buried in Chancel 9 Jan 1714, stone near vestry door
William, Duke of Devon
24 September 1744 John Parsons, MA
His brother was hanged at Tyburn, and the family retired to Arnold.
William, Duke of Devonshire
13 February 1760 E Beresford, MA William, Duke of Devonshire
1787 Wenman Langton, BA
It has been suggested that this man may be connected to William Henry Langton, Chaplain in Ordinary to the Prince of Wales, 1800.
William, Duke of Devonshire
29 July 1789 William Walker BA Duke of Devonshire
11 June 1812 George Francis Holcombe BA
died 24 August 1872 aged 84, having been Vicar of Arnold for 61 years, as well as holding the Rectory of Brindley, Cambs. He lived out of the parish at Sherwood Lodge.
William Spencer, Duke of Devonshire
21 September 1872 Marcus Joseph Truman MA Duke of Devonshire
6-May-07 Rupert William King MA Sir Charles Seely, Bart
14-Dec-29 Michael Giles Sir Charles Seely
11-Jan-46 Kenneth Leigh-Wood – also wrote a history of the parish Sir Charles Seely
31-May-48 Arthur Kirton Sir Charles Seely
30-May-52 Robert Collier Lady Seely
27-Sep-58 Norman Todd Lady Seely
8-Dec-65 John Clarkson Milner Bishop of Southwell
18-Jul-73 Roy Williams Bishop of Southwell
14-Apr-93 Arthur Clarke Bishop of Southwell
31-Jan-04 Kenneth Shill Bishop of Southwell