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War Memorial

War memorial in
St George’s Chapel
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Indoor War Memorial

A triptych memorial is set on the north transept wall of St George’s Chapel listing 200 local men killed in the First World War. It is constructed of oak with a castellated cornice. An illuminated border, predominantly of red and blue, surrounds the lists of names. The glass which covers the sheets has preserved them well. A wreath of poppies permanently hangs over the memorial.

At the top of the central section is the inscription:


The names recorded on the memorial are:

Left-hand Leaf
Ernest Allen   Joseph Brown
Harry Asker   Edward Brown
Herbert Ault   Frederick Brown
W Baker   Allan Camm
Jack Bales   G R Carter
John Barker   Archibald Chamberlain
Arthur Barton   Ernest Albert Charles
Charles Barton   Herbert William Cheeseman
James Barrie   Arthur Clamp
William Sydney Baxter   John Robert Clark
Frank Baxter   Richard Clarke
William Beal   Samuel Edward Clarke
Gerald Beal   Sydney Clifton
Walter Beastall   William Comery
Arthur Bentley   Ernest Cooper
William Bentley   Richard Cooper
Charles Bentley   Arthur Gilbert Cope
Patrick Bentley   H A Cottam
Harry Bishop   Herbert Coulby
H Bishop   Elijah Crackle
George Bradley Blankley   Frank Cresswell
Walter Booth   John E Cripwell
John Bradshaw   Frank Culley
Ernest William Brotherhood   Arthur Cumberpatch
Arthur Gerald Brotherhood   William Dalley
Centre Left
Charlie Davis   George Hibbert
Alfred W Denham   Harry Hibbert
James Diggle   W Hinch
John Donavan   Arthur Holbrook
Sydney Dore   Harry Holmes
Reginald Dowell   Harry Horton
Ernest Dowell   Jack Hudson
John Henry Dring   Ernest Henry Hunt
Frank Edwards   Harold Jerrom
William Ellis   Joseph Jones
George Else   Thomas Keetly
Ernest Elston   William Keetly
Arthur Ford   Peter Kenny
G H Fozzard   Horace Arthur Key
Alfred Claude Gant   John Henry Kiddier
Walter Gregory   Frank Kilborn
George Robinson Gunn   Ernest King
Robert William Hamilton   Fred Knowles
William Hardy   Joseph Lacey
Herbert Edward Harris   Herbert Lake
Leonard Harris   James Stanley Laveratt
Frederick Harrison   S R Lawrence
Harry Hayes   Albert Ley
Frederick Heggs   George Lockwood
Fred Herrard   Claude Mackintosh
Centre Right
Thomas Mallet   William Henry Petcher
Henry Maltby   George Peters
Charlie Marcer   John Basil Pierce
Herbert Marshall   Frederick Potts
Herbert Marshall   William Potts
Harry Marshall   Jim Potts
Robert Marshall   Ralph Potts
Robert Marshall   Fred Potts
George Marshall   Francis Norton Pratt
Henry Martin   Neville Herbert Pratt
Fred Martin   Frederick Price
Edgar Mason   Thomas Quin
Robert Meats   William Rainbow
George Mee   R Reynolds
Samuel Messom   George Richardson
John Messom   A Riley
Arthur Mitchell   Bert Rose
Arthur Mitchell   Henry Samples
Frederick Morley   James Sands
John Morrell   John William Searson
Andrew Mosely   Harold William Searson
Jack Mumms   Edgar Selby
John Alfred Nathan   George M Shacklock
John Notmand   Joseph Shaw
Archibald Parker   Arthur Shepherdson
Right-hand Leaf
William Shipley   P Viccars
Jack Simons   W Wainwright
W Simpson   George Everitt Walters
T Skelton   Harold Ward
James Smith   George Ward
Leonard Smith   J W Ward
William Smith   W Harry West
Arthur Smith   Samuel Wheat
Tom Smith   Samuel Wheatcroft
H Spencer   William White
G Spencer   Harold Wigley
George Spencer   Fred Wilson
Jack Squires   Ernest Wilson
Frederick Charles Staley   Harry Wilson
Frank Storey   Arthur Wilson
Walter Stokes   Robert Wilson
Edward Stretton   Thomas Winterbottom
Arthur William Swain   Arthur Wolfe
Oliver Thurman   Leonard Wilson Wolfe
Frederick William Thurman   Arthur Edward Wood
F W Tipping   W Worthington
Frank Tomlinson   W Percy Wray
Albert Turton   William Wright
William Goodfellow Tweddle   William Cressey Wright
Henry Underwood   Sidney Yelland

The memorial was designed by Mr C G Hare and produced at a cost of £35. It was dedicated on 11th November 1927. At the West end of the church there is a small framed hand-written memorial listing about 30 names, most of which appear on the main memorial. The two exceptions being:

Major Ion Barry George Royal Irish Rifles Aged 36 Killed 05/05/1918
Frederick Ralph George No details located

War Memorial in the

Memorial in the Churchyard

A large Calvary, also dedicated to those killed in the Great War, is sited in the churchyard by the side of the main path from the gate to the West door. (This path is shown on several old maps as a public footpath). Mr Hare also designed this monument. The crucifix is of oak, mounted on a stone base, which is elevated on two substantial plinths. On the base the three bronze plates which originally recorded the official opening, recently became detached, but are in safe custody awaiting the outcome of a funding application for the renovation of the entire monument. A pitched canopy of oak, rising from its horizontal to the vertical, protects the cross. On the facia of the oak canopy is a carved inscription:

By thy Cross and Passion

Father Dalrymple unveiled the Calvary on May 20th 1920 in the presence of ten other clergy. The cost was £350.