Sneinton St Stephen

List of Incumbents

From at least 1245 the priests were Cluniac monks supplied by Lenton Priory. After the dissolution of the priory in 1537, there are no records of the priests. St Mary’s Church survived the fate of the Lenton Priory so it maybe that St Stephen’s was regarded as a chapel of St Mary’s. From 1596 curates of St Mary’s were carrying out duties at St Stephens.

1596-1616 Robert Aldridge, Curate of St Mary’s
1617-1635 Ralph Hansby
1635-1642 Edmund Lacocks, Vicar of St Mary’s
1650 James Jollie
1664-1666 Charles Parry, Sequestrator, also Rector of Colwick 1662/82
  The living then seems to have been held in plurality
1667 John Scrimshaw, also Rector of another parish
1668 Thomas Houghton, also Rector of West Bridgford 1673/92, also Rector of Tollerton 1689/92
1675 Charles Parry, also Rector of Colwick 1662/1680
1681-1684 John Littlefere, Curate
1686-1704 Abraham Heckstall
1704-1723 Thomas Fenton, also Vicar of Arnold 1701/1721
1724-1728 John Nagger, also Vicar of Cropwell Bishop 1708/1735
1728-1731 John Swale, also Vicar of Radford, also Vicar of Car Colston, also Master Nottingham Free School 1722/1731
1732-1735 Joseph Malbon, Curate St Mary’s
1736-1743 Thomas Beardsmore, Vicar of St Mary’s 1730/43
1743-1770 Scrope Beardsmore, Vicar of St Mary’s
1770-1786 Nathan Haines, Vicar of St Mary’s
1786-1817 Robert Fox, Perpetual Curate also Curate of St Mary’s, also Vicar of Kneesall from 1806
1818 George Wilkins, Vicar St Mary’s
1831-1866 Rev William Hindes Whyatt, Incumbent Curate also curate of St Mary’s 1827/1866
1866-1868 Rev William Hindes Whyatt, First Vicar of St Stephen’s new Parish
1868-1884 Vernon Wallaston Hutton M.A., Cantab, Later Canon of Lincoln Cathedral
1885-1888 Fr Thomas Windley
1889-1895 Fr Francis Edward Nugee
1895-1902 Revd Arthur Murray Dale
1902-1917 Revd The Hon Robert Margill Dalrymple M.A., Son of the 11th Earl of Stair
1917-1919 Revd Booth Hodgett Lynes
1919-1954 Fr James Raw Thomas
1955-1958 Revd Morris
1959-1987 Fr Tyson
1988 Revd Derek Hales
1996-1998 Revd Michael Thompson
2001-2002 Fr Smith, also Vicar of St Matthias’ Sneinton
2003 Revd M G Crook