Teversal St Katherine


The northern part of
the churchyard
The southern part of
the churchyard

St Katherine’s is set in a rectangular churchyard which has a stone wall all around it. Parts of the wall to the east of the church are formed by the stone gable end of a house and the side wall of a barn, also built of stone. There are lanes to the north and south of the churchyard, and three gates give access: one is in the north-east corner of the churchyard, one in the south-east corner and one in the south-west corner. There are numerous gravestones throughout the churchyard, including several table tombs. To the west of the south porch are the two oldest gravestones. They are 'lollipop' shaped (sandstone?) and date from around 1681. Just outside the porch, to the east, is the oldest table tomb, dating from 1713. A few headstones have been used to make a paved area to the south of the chancel.

There are two slate headstones, one dated 1631. An extension churchyard lies on the opposite side of the road to the north-east of the church and has been in use since at least 1955.