Thurgarton St Peter

List of Incumbents

On the suppression of the priory the advowson of Thurgarton was granted by Henry VIII to Trinity College, Cambridge in 1546. The Cooper family were the lessees for several generations with the stipulation that a minister or curate be provided. From 1650 to 1774 he resided at Thurgarton Priory and acted as chaplain to the Cooper family. In 1848 the livings of Hoveringham and Thurgarton were united by Order of the Council with Trinity College holding the patronage.

Incumbents of Thurgarton

1587 Ralph Hollingworth
1589 John Turvey
1596 Richard Jackson
1603 John Daubnes
1609 Edward Greaves MA
1620 Oliver Griffin MA
1625 Peter Coates
1629 William Brownley
1634 George Darker
1637 James Brecknock BA
1639 Zachariah Trig MA
1659 William Stoyt
1663 James Boote BA
1671 James Clayton
1672 Jonathan Jordan
1674 Lawrence Wood MA Minor Canon Chester 1685
1681 Edward Morehouse BA
1715 Richard Tresham went to West Indies
1717 Thomas Hall
1719 Joseph Chadwick
1722 John Rose BA
1774 Kaye Mawer
1799 John Thomas Becher MA
1848 Henry Lea Guillebaud MA
1873 Atwell Mervyn Yates Baylay MA
1920 Vincent Taylor Kirkby MA
1928 William Basil Evans
1935 George Herbert Halstead
1950 Francis William Harpur Jessup
1959 Philip Harper New BA, L Th.
1970 Bernard Hill BA Canon and Rural Dean, Southwell Minster
1983 Richard Kirton MA
1993 Andrew de Berry