Thurgarton St Peter


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Historical Pictures:

Engraving by Buck
dated 1726
Drawing of the Hall and
Church, from Throsby’s
revision of Thoroton,
dated 1796
Romantic sketch by
Powell, dated 1819
Sketch by Mollart of
West Front and
house entrance
Picture from the
early 20th century
(with thanks to
Picture the Past)

Greetings card of

c1930 showing
the church

Postcard of c1940,

before the gravestones

were cleared from
the churchyard

Reconstruction of
internal elevation
as it might have been
in the middle ages

Modern Photographs:

The West Front The tower from
the north-east
View from the
The west
tower doorway
The north porch The interior
looking east
The interior
looking west
The east window
The pulpit Polychrome remnants
on the niche
Vaulting in the
The organ
Set of misericord seats One of the Cooper
Bells in the belfry Stone coffin brought
from the site at
Castle Hill