Trowell St Helen

Features and Fittings


Altar and Reredos

There is an 1890 Carved Oak reredos with archways each side for access to the rear (originally used for the priest to robe up behind). A stone front piece has a shelf on which are two wooden candlesticks and a wooden cross. Behind the reredos two blackened iron candlesticks with branches for 7 candles are stored and used at festivals.

The oak altar table has been brought forward to give access to the rear.

Piscina, Aumbry and Sedilia

On the South side of the altar are the mediaeval piscina and ambry. To the west are the three sedilia, which are all the same size. As the floor has been raised, the seats are now only about a foot above it.

Chancel Seating

There are two fixed choir pews in oak on the north and south sides, with a vicar’s stall on the south side and an assistant’s on the north side.


The 1890 Chancel Screen, which is again carved oak, has a large cross over the centre.



The 1890 oak pulpit stands on a raised stone base against the north side of the chancel arch.

The pulpit light was given as a memorial, and a brass plate in the pulpit reads:

This Pulpit Light was given in Memory of
Derrick Mallet
One time Choir Boy in this Church
Who died on active service 1943


The centre of the nave contains 7 oak pews on each side; the north aisle has 8 and the south aisle 6. There are 19 wooden folding chairs. All the floors in the pew areas are stone and wooden blocks. The two wardens’ staffs are held in brackets fixed to pews, one each side of the centre aisle.


The large C15 stone font for immersing is carved with quatrefoils and battlements. It did have a lock down cover, but the present one just drops on. This stands in the centre of the front of the vestry.


There are two lecterns. On the small one is a brass plate bearing the inscription:

To the glory of God
And in loving memory of
Edith M Mellors
Who fell asleep April 12th 1941
Lord in the mercy
Grant her safe lodgings, a Holy Rest
And Peace at last

The larger bears the inscription:

To the Glory of God
In loving remembrance of
George and Fanny Allcock
By their affectionate children
AD 1891
(Buried in vault opposite the church door)

Bequest Plate

There is a brass plate above the bookcase to the left of the vestry bearing the words:

An extract from the will of the late Mr John Lowe of the Parish of Ilkeston in the County of Derby, dated the 15th day of March 1837.
I give and bequeath the sum of one hundred pounds to the Minister of Trowell Church in the County of Nottingham for the use and benefit of the Church Sunday School in that place.

Note: The same amount was left to the Minister of Ilkeston for a similar purpose.