Trowell St Helen

List of Incumbents

The Lists of Rectors in the Church
Before the union of the benefices After the union of the benefices

Rectors of the First Moiety

Patron: Prior & Convent of Sempringham
5 Sept 1241 Gilbert de Bridesall Clerk, had no benefice, no vac.
18 Apr 1283 Benedict de Rengesdone Priest, no vac, granted custody of requestiation 26 Jan 1283
19 June 1302  John Lausell (de Laushulle) Acolyte, no vac. Ordained sub-deacon by alp in Gonshille church 15 Sep 1302 Inst 21 Sep 1302
10 Aug 1313 John de Trowell Dean of Nottingham sec moiety of Trowell 10 Aug 1313. Letters dimissary 9 July 1315 to John de Trowell
5 July 1327 Richard de Kirkeby Priest on resignation of John de Trowell
20 Nov 1331 Adam de Lousill Priest on resignation of Richard de Kirkeby Rector of Broxtowe 1304-31
28 Jan 1333 Edward de Stapilford Chaplain on death of Adam de Lousill Will made 14 July, proved 30 July 1347 to be buried against right side of the altar. Chaplain of Trent Bridge Chapel
16 Aug 1347 Simon son of Phillip de Bradwell of Coleby Acolyte on death of Edward. Licenced to be absent to study for 1 year 24 August 1347
8 July 1349 Robert Broun Of Burton on the Wolds. Acolyte on death of Simon
  William de Prestwod Son of William de Prestwod of Ouseby, Master of order of Sempringham 1364
22 June 1373 John de Stowe Priest,on resignation of William
24 Feb 1383 William son of Robert de Tanfeld Chaplain on resignation of John
28 Feb 1425 William Parker Priest on death of William
1444 William Tull Witnessed documents 25 Oct 1444
17 June 1463 Richard Schoter Priest on death of William Tull, probably rector of Gamston 1476-7
14 Feb 1476 John Bakhows Chaplin on resignation of Richard
18 June 1524 Oliver Rigby Priest on death of John
28 Oct 1542 Peter Richardson Date entry in Composition Book
Patron: The Crown
14 Mar 1550 William Redde On death of previous incumbent
17 Oct 1552 John Houghton On death of William Redde, possibly vicar of All Saints Derby 1564-76
7 June 1554 Roger Page On deprivation of John Houghton
22 Sept 1556 Richard Barlowe No vac date of pres by Crown again pres 30 October 1558
23 June 1566 John Steele On death of last incumbent. Had 2 benefices in 1581. Buried 18 July 1588
Patron: Sir Francis Willoughby
2 Aug 1588 Nicholas Hallam On death of John Steele Cambridge BA died 1626
1617 Robert Revel Curate
Patron: Sir Percival Willoughby & Lady Bridget
20 Apr 1626 Francis Hill On death of Nicholas Hallam, son of Martin Rector of Ashfordby. Cambridge BA, deacon & priest 1616 Rector Ashfordby 1621. Sequested as delinquent 1646 Probably minister of Ashfordby 1652
1628 Ralph Ollershaw Curate
1631-39 Owen Meredith Curate 1631 Order made on Owen Meredith, clerk in Holy Orders of the first Moiety of Trowell the reputed father of an illegitimate child.
17 July 1646 Henry Denham Date of decision to examine his fitness for living. Cambridge BA, Deacon & Priest 1628, Curate Selston 1631-42. Buried 28 April 1659
1659 John Leeke Buried 17 June 1661 aged 33
Patron: Sir Francis Willoughby
29 Jan 1661 William Parker On resignation of John Leeke. Curate of Radford
11 Apr 1683 Thomas Muston On death of William Parker. Cambridge MA Fellow St Catherine’s College 1682-87. Rector Waddington 1681. St Peter’s-at-Arches, Lincoln 1691. Preb Lincoln 1698-1700
Patron: Sir Thomas Willoughby
14 June 1689 John Dand Master Kibworth Beauchamp School
1684 John Francis Curate
14 May 1707 William Paul On death of John Dand. Rector in Trust for three years. Resigned in favour of son of late rector. Son of John Grozier, born at Little Ashley. Deacon 1702, priest 1795, Vicar Orton on the Hill 1709-10. Joined Charles Stuart the Pretender 1715, executed in London 1716
10 Mar 1709 William John Dand On resignation of William Paul, born in London. Cambridge BA. Deacon 1709, priest 1709-10. Curate Kibworth Beauchamp and Luaghton 1709-10, Master Kibworth Beauchamp School 1709-1724
Patron: Lord Middleton
11 July 1724 John White On death of William Dand. Rector of Wollaton 1720-42
18 Nov 1742 George Staunton Brough On death of John White. Rector of Wollaton 1742-66
19 Dec 1766 Isaac Pickthall On death of G S Brough. Rector of Wollaton 1766-98

Rectors of the Second Moiety

Patron: Brunnesley (Brinsley) family
25 Jan 1259 Richard de Trowell Date of dispensation to hold an additional Benefice with care of souls (Cal. Papal Reg. Papal Letters)
15 May 1300  Thomas de Stapelford

Rector of Trowell. Date of commission to seek out Eriminous clerks. A Thomas sec moiety of Trowell, possibly the same man for same reason 8 July 1289 (Reg Romeyn)

In May 1300 Thomas de Stapleford rector of Trowell, was ordered by Archbishop of York to seek out eriminous clerks accused of any crimes before the kings justices at Nottingham (Reg Corbridge, ii,32)

In 1Edw II, John de Burton, aged 21 by advice of Thos de Stapleford, rector here left the school at Nottingham and became (Curate?) to said Thomas (Inquisitions, vii,140)

Patron: Roger de Brunnesley
17 Nov 1310 Robert de Brunnesley Clerk, no vac, leave to study for three years. Letters dimissary for all orders
Patron: Robert de Brunnesley
25 Sept 1349 John de Brampcote Chaplin on death of Robert de Brunnesley
13 Sept 1365 John de Aldesworth Chaplin on death of John de Brampcote
11 Oct 1378 John Fityll Of Ilkeston, chaplin on death of John de Aldesworth
  John Carter  
Patron: William de Brunnesley
18 Nov 1416 Thomas de Derley Priest on death of John Carter
25 Oct 1418 John Cumberton By exchange of Vicar of Billingey with Thomas Derley
6 May 1438 William Clerk Priest by exchange of rector of Hanyngton with John Cumberton
Patron: John Cokefeld of Nuttehalle a feaffe of John Burnsley
5 Nov 1450 Richard Burton Priest on deprivation of William Clerk. Inquiry held in St Peter’s Nottingham 31 October
Patron: Archbishop of York (by lapse)
  Richard Willoughby John Brynnesley  
30 Apr 1461 John Birnelay Priest no vac
16 Oct 1643 Henry Fyppe Priest on resignation of John Brynnesley (sic)
14 Jan 1473 Christopher Clerkson Chaplin on resignation of Henry Fyppe
24 Oct 1506 Geoffrey Brynnesley Clerk on death of Christopher Clerkson
Patron: John Curzon, Thomas Thorland, John Marnseon, Richard Parker, feaffees,John Brynnesley
20 Nov 1507 Robert Roo Priest on death of Geoffrey Brynnesley, Oxford BA
Patron: Thomas Thurland
16 Dec 1522 Maurice Cam Priest on resignation of Robert Roo. Probably rector of Normanton on Soar 1546-50. Will dated 20 July 1549 proved 10 May 1551
Patron: Robert Brynsley
9 June 1554 Peter Mudde On death of last incumbent. Died 19 April Buried 25 April 1577
Patron: Francis Brunesley
25 Apr 1577 Thomas Huchenson On death of Peter Mudde
20 Mar 1578 Henry James Vacated by Thomas Huchenson. Age 24. Buried 15 Feb 1579 at St Mary’s Nottingham
Patron: Robert Brynsley
2 June 1579 Thomas Slacke On death of Henry James. Buried 20 Mar 1602
Patron: John Hacker of East Bridgford
24 Mar 1602   On death of Thomas Slacke, Oxford BA. Buried 12 Nov 1646
1598 Thomas Clarke Curate?
1639 John Whitmore Curate?
15 Jan 1647 Robert Morris

On death of John Kyrkbie. Cambridge BA Deacon 1636. Priest 1639 Curate 1639-47

Robert Morris was nominated by the Puritans as rector of the second moiety (Shaw’s English Church during the Civil Wars, ii,336)

Often imprisoned during the civil war for refusing Covenant, which he tried to prevent being hung up in church.

J Walker MSS. Fol 116,ix Bodleian Library, is a letter from John Proudman to Mr Powel giving an account of the sufferings of Mr Morris, who though acquitted was several times imprisoned.

1650 Nicholas Clarke Son of Thomas. Born at Courteenhall, Northants. Cambridge BA. Deacon 1640-41. Priest 1643. Rector Milton Malsor, Northants 1673-79. Buried there. 25 Aug 1679 married Anne Hacker
25 Feb 1675 John Fox On cessation of Nicholas Clarke. Son of John Fox Rector Bilborough. Born at Ilkeston. Cambridge BA. Deacon 1672. Priest 1674. Curate Hathern 1672. Trowell 1672-5. Buried 29 Dec 1699
27 May 1700 Hacker Brough On death of John Fox. Son of John Brough who married Sarah, daughter of Rowland Hacker. Age 24 Oxford BA. Buried 19 Jul 1710. Was patron of Normanby & Blaxby, Lincs at his death
1700-06 Edward Griffith Curate
26 July 1710 John Proudman On death of Hacker Brough. Inducted 1 Jan 1710. Priest 1705. Died 1724
14 Aug 1719 Henry Franceys On resignation of John Proudman, son of William J, apothecary, Mayor of Derby. Camb M.A. Deacon 1712, Priest 1712-13. Possibly rector of Caldecote, Herts 1712-19. Married Dorothy Hacker 07.07.1720. Buried 17 Mar 1746.
Patron: Elizabeth Hacker of Trowell
10 May 1746 Richard Hardy On death of Henry Franceys, son of H. Hardy. Vicar of Kinoulton 1728-35. Melton 1731-40. Perpetual Curate Owthorpe 1735-75. Vicar Kinoulton 1735-75. Rector Langar 1753. Master Melton Mowbray School 1757. Vicar Eaton 1768. Died 6 Aug 1775 at Langar aged 64. Buried there.
Patron: Elizabeth Hacker of Nottingham
24 July 1753 Tristram Exley

On resignation of Richard Hardy. Son of John Exley Wodspinner. Born at Guisley, Yorks. Camb BA, Deacon 1747-48. Priest 1749, Curate Oadby, Leics 1749. St Mary’s, Nottingham 1752-53. Eastwood 1770-86. Died 19 April 1792 aged 68. Had a paralytic stroke for many years. Married Elizabeth Doncaster of Ollerton by License 22 May 1764.

(Tristam Exley was one of the Commissioners for the Enclosure of Hucknall in 1769 Hucknall, Eric Horriben)

Patron: Lord Middleton
1792 Isaac Pickthall Rector of Wollaton 1766-98

Rectors of the whole church

(Churches united in 1787 and Lord Middleton became patron of the whole church.)

Patron: Lord Middleton
13 June 1798  George Sanders On death of Isaac Pickthall, Rector of Wollaton 1798-1838
14 Apr 1838 Francis Hewgill, MA On death of George Saunders. Son of Henry Hewgill, Rector Smeeton, Yorks 17551804 Camb B.A. admitted to Inner Temple 1801. Deacon 1807. Priest 1809. Rector Saundby 1814-38 Vicar North Wheatley 181938, Sturton 1820-1836. Perpetual Curate Littleborough 1820-38. Rector Wollaton 1838-46. Died 19 Jan 1858
  Rev William Charles Howell living at Trowell as Curate in 1844  
30 Apr 1858 Charles Walter Hudson On death of Francis Hewgill. Son of Harrington Hudson, Bessingby, Yorks. Born 1809. Camb LL.B,D.C.L. Deacon 1837. Priest 1838. Rector Saundby. Vicar North Wheatley 1838-58. Resided latterly at Bridlington, died 4 Oct 1900
23 Nov 1877 Hugh St Maur Willoughby On resignation of Charles Hudson. Son of James Willoughby, Rector Wollaton 1846-75. Born 13 Jan 1847. Camb B.A. Deacon 1871. Priest 1873. Vicar Laig Lane Derbys 1873-76. Chaplin Norwood Cemetery 1889-96. Vicar Fawley 1896-1904. Died 3 Sept 1904
19 May 1888 Robert John Hodgkinson On resignation of Hugh St Maur Willoughby. Son of George Hodgkinson of Newark. Camb. MA Deacon 1850. Priest 1851. Assistant Master of Uppingham School 1858-68. Head Master Lower School Uppingham 1868-80. Died at Trowell 18 Feb 1890. Buried Uppingham
20 Sept 1890 Hon William Byron On death of Robert John Hodgkinson. Son of 7th Lord Byron. Born 11 Oct 1831. Oxford MA, SCL. Fellow All Souls College 1852-57. Rector Stoke Talmage 1857-74, Stowlangtoft 1874-78. Resig 17 Nov 1891. Died 17 May 1907 at Temple Guiting House, Winchcombe. Buried Stowlangtoft.
  Rev S Penny Curate-in-Charge until Rev Hunt was appointed
28 May 1892 Wray William Mills Hunt On resignation of William Byron. Son of Rev Wray Richard Hunt of Witney, Oxford. Oxford BA. Deacon 1874. Priest 1875, Vicar Wilncote 1877-92. Died 30 Jun 1897 aged 47 of bronchial asthma.
8 Nov 1897 William Henry McKennal Caldwell On death of Wray William Mills Hunt. Oxford BA. Deacon 1891, Priest 1893, Vicar Bagshot 1900-08, St Augustine, Bristol 1908-12
23 Jan 1901 James Dawson Lewis On resignation of William Henry McKennal Caldwell. Son of James Owen Lewis. Born 4 Mar 1845 at Liverpool. Camb BA Deacon 1869, Priest 1870, Vicar St Ann’s, Nottingham, 1871-1901. Preb Southwell, 1885-1905. Died 9 Nov 1905 at Chester while acting as Chaplain to his brother, the High Sheriff at Assizes. Buried in Church Cemetery, Forest Road Nottingham
15 Mar 1906 Edward Richard Jeffreys Nicolls On death of James Dawson Lewis. Son of Richard Nicholls, of Woolwich, Kent. Christ Church, Oxford MA. Deacon 1879, Priest 1880, Rector Knipton 1884-1906, Saxelby with Shoby 1922-32.
18 Aug 1919 Alyn Arthur Guest-Williams On resignation of Edward Richard Jeffreys Nicolls. Camb MA. Trained at St John’s College, Deacon 1911, Priest 1912, Precenter Norwich Cath 1914-19, Rector Christleton 1926
8 Oct 1926 Godfrey Michael Vincent Hickey On resignation of Alyn Arthur Guest-Williams. Son of Rev W H G Hickey. Born 1872 at Cawpore, India. The Queen’s College Oxford BA. Deacon 1895, Priest 1897, Vicar St Mark’s Dukinfield 1904-11, Rector Christleton 1911-26. Resigned 1942.
7 Nov 1942 John Angles Barber, MBC BA Born at South Shields and spent his early life employed in banking in London. Trained at St John’s College, Durham and Wycliffe Hall, Oxford. Deacon 1930, Priest at Ripon, 1931. Curate, Christ Church Harrogate, serving under the late D A DeLabilliere, afterwards Dean of Westminster. 1930-34, senior Curate Cheltenham, 1934-37, Vicar St Stephen’s Hull 1937-42. Church badly damaged and the Vicarge destroyed while he was there by enemy bombing. Received M.B.E 1952 for his work when Trowell was Festival of Britain Village. Died 5 Nov 1952. Buried at Trowell
24 Mar 1953 Kenneth William Jones On death of John Angles Barber. Lampeter BA. Deacon 1938, Priest 1939, Curate at Oswestry until appointed Chaplain to the Forces in 1940-47. He served with the London Scottish and KOYLI through India, Iraq, Persia, the Middle East, Sicily and Italy, having been appointed senior chaplain in North Africa in 1944 with the honary rank of major. Also served with the Irish Brigade before being demobilised . After the war he was chaplain in the TA. And attached to the Yorkshire Hussars in the 49th Armoured Division. He was Vicar of Birdsall-with-Langton, Malton, Yorkshire while there he was selected as a missioner to conduct evangelical missions in the diocese of York. Resigned 14 Jan 1958
17 Sep 1958 Leslie Leonard Abbott Chartered Surveyor, trained at Wycliffe Hall, Oxford, Curate at St Mary’s Attenborough. Resigned for Lenton Parish, 1962
10 Sep 1962 John Matthews Syson Born in Nottingham, educated at High Pavement School and Nottingham University. Trained at Lincoln Theological College. Curate at Radford, Vicar of St Michael’s and All Angels, Bradford. Priest-in-charge at Underwood. Vicar of Cinderhill for 15 years. Died 17 Feb 1963 after a short illness
29 Nov 1963 Robert Daniel Fryer Oak Hill Theological College, Licentiate in Theology at Durham University. Curate at St Ann’s Nottingham, 1935-38. Curate at Holy Trinity, Norwich 1938-42. Vicar of St Paul’s, Stratford, London 1942-50. Vicar at St Helen’s, Ipswich, 1950-63. Retired from St Helen’s Trowell in Nov 1971. Died 11 Nov 1980, aged 77, his ashes interred in the Garden of Remembrance, Trowell.
7 Jan 1972 Arthur Marshall Born at Bury, Lancs. Worked for 17 years doing Christian work with poor families in Manchester Industrial Belt. Trained at Oak Hill Theological College, London. Assistant Curate at St John the Evangelist, Worksop. Resigned May 1978 for Abbas and Templecoombe with Horsington, Somerset, followed by periods at St Mark’s, Newtown, Wigan, Lancs, Althorne Essex and Epperstone, Notts, where he retired to Tadworth, Surrey. Died 3rd April, 1996 aged 71. Ashes interred in St Helen’s Garden of Remembrance, Trowell.
3 Nov 1978 Brian Cecil Walker Born 1928, Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants, 1962. Trained at Cramner Hall, Durham, 1968. Deacon 1970, Priest 1971, Curate at Heworth with Peasholme St Cuthbert’s, York 1970-73. Curate at Attenborough with Chilwell 1973-75. Curate at Christ Church, Chilwell. Retired to Bromsgrove, 1989.
7 June 1990 Trevor Hatton BA Trained as a Teacher and full time youth leader. Trained at Oak Hill Theological College, London. Curate at Christ Church, Chilwell. Resigned to be Associate Chaplain at Nottingham Trent University (City Site) 22nd Oct 1995. Vicar of St Nicholas’ Church, Nottingham 1999.
4 Nov 1996 Graham Richard Booth B.Soc.Sci/Social Administration, Birmingham University, Residential Social Worker, Birmingham Social Services. Staff member, manager, then owner of Christian Bookshop in Shrewsbury. Trained at St John’s College, Bramcote. Assistant Curate at St Mark’s, Woodthorpe. Inducted as Priest-in-Charge of Awsworth with Cossall 18 April 2000
2007 Andrew Michael Lord