St Helen


The tower fabric is built of grey coloured sandstone ashlar blocks, which have been blackened by being exposed to smoke and grit from Stanton Blast Furnaces over the years. The sandstone would have been obtained from local quarries. Some of the blocks have been weathered away and have been faced with Derbyshire Gritstone, giving the walls a patchwork appearance.

The walls of the nave are of the same stone, but the north wall stone seems to be more sandstone colour, some of these walls have been refaced with gritstone. The walls of the clerestory are of a very light colour on both sides.

The 12th century chancel is rubble built as of the period, and the east wall has ashlar blocks in the top half.

The pillars of the arcades inside the nave are a very light sandstone and possibly a softer stone as parts have worn away.

Comparable Buildings

Churches of Barton, Wilford and Wollaton were built of this stone and in 1478 Trowell stone went to the strengthening and enlargement of Nottingham Castle.