Wollaton St Leonard


Archival Sources

Nottinghamshire Archives Office

NAO's list of deposited documents from St Leonard's runs to 40 pages and contains over 1000 items including:

Parish registers: baptisms from 1576 to 1944, marriages from 1578 to 1940, burials from 1579 to 1960.

All later registers are stored in church, together with PCC minutes from 1920 and other relevant material.

St Deiniol's Library, Hawarden Church

Church notes of Sir Stephen Glynne

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Link: the magazine of the Wollaton churches. Monthly from January 1966. Complete file in St Leonard's Church vestry and in Nottingham Central Library Local Studies Library. It is the successor to St Leonard's parish magazine: copies from the late nineteenth century until 1939 do not survive, but there is a largely complete run from 1940 until 1965 in St Leonard's Church vestry.

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