Annesley All Saints

List of Incumbents

The following lists all the incumbents of Annesley since the consecration of the current Church of All Saints in 1874. Before that date incumbents were based at the Old Church (or its predecessors).

1871 Clement Howard Prance
1879 Thomas Cramner Ewbank (Curate)
1883 Henry Samuel Berry (Curate)
1888 Charles Strayford (Curate)
1889 William Herbert Kynaston (Curate)
1890 William Herbert Kynaston
1914 John Nutbrown
1923 Gustav Alexander Lejeune
1926 William Arthur Ward Leese
1939-60 William Gloster Anderson

In 1963, the Parishes of Annesley and Newstead were united, with subsequent incumbents responsible for Annesley, All Saints; Newstead Village, St Mary the Virgin; and Newstead Abbey, St Mary.

1963 Frank Lyons
1980 Alan Sydney George Hart
1987-97 John Wilson
1998 Linda Church
2004 Elizabeth Turner-Loisel