Bestwood Emmanuel

Features and Fittings


The octagonal font is of Ancaster stone and has an oak cover. It has recently been taken off its plinth and moved back to the west wall.


The stone of the pulpit matches the font and is unusual in that it is an integral part of the church. It is reached from a passage beside the organ and up a short spiral staircase within an external pulpit turret which has three lancet windows and a conical roof. The pulpit is pentagonal with three pierced and two smaller un-pierced panels. It has a pine ledge and the book rest is made of oak. On the left hand side of it is a turned oak candleholder.


The two front pews came from the chapel at Bestwood Lodge and were presented to Emmanuel church when the Army left the Lodge in 1977. They are made of oak, each pew having on the aisle side a carving of a forester with bow and arrow and at the centre of each is a small brass plaque with the inscription:

2. Command workshop REME
were proud to have made this Pew Stall
and reverently offer this work to the
Glory of God

The remainder of the pews are pine, cross-framed benches. In front of the pulpit are two choir stall benches on the north of the aisle and a single bench south of the aisle. The floor beneath the pews is wooden and the floor of the aisle comprises stone slabs covered with carpet.

An early photograph shows the church with benches and chairs. Later introduction of two choir stalls from an unknown source and reorganisation of the pews has removed the need for chairs.

The choir stalls have recently been removed to make more space and flexible seating arrangements.


The Lectern is made of oak and the ball on which the eagle stands is inscribed:

Words which the Holy Ghost teacheth

On the base is the inscription

In memory of
W R Cripps
first Vicar of this Parish
born July 31st 1829
Ddied at Mentone
April 13th 1885

Reading Stand

Near the stone font at the rear of the church is an oak reading stand with a brass plaque inscribed: