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Nottinghamshire Archives Office

DR 1/1/9/5   Consecration Petition Lincoln 1874
DR 1/1/9/5   Consecration by Bishop 28th June 1874 
DR 1/1/9/5   Stipend for Curate 22nd December 1884 
PR 17236   Register of Baptisms 9th October 1870 to 21st November 1886 
PR 17236   Register of Burials 24th October 1870 to 19th January 1900 
PR 17237   Register of Baptisms 30th January 1887 to 1st May 1938 
PR 17238   Register of Banns 6th November 1870 to 14th November 1897 
PR 17239   Register of Banns 28th November 1897 to 16th September 1934 
PR 17240   Register of Banns 3rd February 1935 to 7th April 1957 
PR 17241   Preachers Book 1885 to 1932 
PR 17242   Preachers Book 1932 to 1964 
PR 28932   Register of Marriages 3rd June 1873 to 14th June 1980
PR 28933   Register of Marriages 20th July 1980 to 25th April 1981 
PR 28934   Register of Marriages 25th April 1981 to 19th June 1982 
PR 28935   Register of Marriages 26th June 1982 to 1st September 1984 
PR 28936   Register of Marriages 8th September 1984 to 17th September 1988 
DR 2367   Faculty Application - Memorial Windows June 1st 1911 
DR 2367   Faculty Citation - Memorial Windows 1911 
DR 2367   Letters Citation/Fees - Memorial Windows 26th June 1911 
DR 2367   Faculty to Proceed - Memorial Windows 19th July 1911 
DR 1/1/18/1-68   Southwell Diocesan Year Books 1891 to 1995 
DR 1/1/1/1-6   Southwell Diocesan Act Books 1884 to 1976

Thoroton Record Incumbents Vol XV 1955

Crockfords Clerical Directory 1947,1951/52, 1993/94.

Nottingham Local Studies Library

726,50941 The Churches of S.S. Teulon by Matthew Saunders

Country Life Acrobatic Gothic. Page 1282 31st December 1970

The Buildings of England. Nottinghamshire. Nikolaus Pevsner 1979

Newspaper cuttings from Bulwell Dispatch

Nottinghamshire Guardian May 1856

Nottingham Journal June 1870

Nottingham and Midland Counties Daily Express September 1871

Nottingham Daily Express August 1895

Nottingham Daily Express May 1898

Arnold Library

Newspaper cuttings Nottingham Evening Post.

University of Nottingham Hallward Library

The stained Glass of William Morris and his circle - a Catalogue By Charles Sewter 1975. Oversize

The House of Nell Gwyn The fortunes of the Beauclerk Family 1670-1974 By Donald Adamson and Peter Beauclerk Dewer. East Midlands Collection Not 35 V38 BEA

Lincolnshire Archives

PD 230/25   Perpetual Curacy 7th June 1874
PET LIC 253E/20   Petition for Marriage Licence 24th Oct 1870 
AUG 260/15   Grant of Annual Stipend 2nd June 1874

No 41 &42 Bishops Registers

Church of England Record Centre

File 41571   Separate Parish 12th May 1874
File 41571   Parsonage 1887-88
File 41571   Benefice 23rd July 1930
Thanks also to the following who gave valuable information:

Reverend Beverly Stark

Florence Gooding (Lay Reader)

Rev William Walker (Retired Vicar of Daybrook)

Mark Goodwill-Hodgson Inclusive Design Limited

Andrew Higson at John Taylor Bellfounders Loughborough

Church Bells of Nottinghamshire Part One by George Dawson

Photograph of bust of Sir John Walter Huddleston by Judith Neale

Photograph of original windows by Nigel Webster.

Other photographs by Brian & Pauline Miller.