East End

In 1911 the glass in the lancet style windows in the apsidal east end was replaced by William Morris & Co. From their Catalogue of Designs, dated 11th July 1911, comes the following description:

Bestwood Notts. Emmanuel Church 1911, Chancel 5 lts.

1. St. Matthew with Angel and scroll.
2. St. Mark with Lion and scroll.
3. The Good Shepherd.
4. St. Luke with Bull and scroll.
5. St. John with Eagle and Scroll.

The window heads are painted and stencilled. On the wall beneath the windows are inscribed the following words:

These windows were executed by
Sybil Duchess of St. Albans
in fond Memory of her beloved father
General Honble. Charles Grey
who died March 31st 1870

Morris’s catalogue notes:

The word ‘executed’ is misleading, since the glass was certainly made in the usual way by Morris & Co: the Duchess was merely the patron

The Duchess Sybil could not have been involved in the execution of the William Morris windows as she died in 1871. The Morris windows are in memory of her daughter Lady Sybil Evelyn de Vere Lascells.

The names of Morris’s glass painters were: Evangelists, curtains and emblems by Glasby, Good Shepherd by Titcombe, tree and sky backgrounds by Glasby and Titcombe. The sketch design (264-1911) belongs to Mr S L Berger. The window designs are not unique to Emmanuel Church but are shared with a number of churches throughout the country.

The five original windows said to be executed by Sybil, first wife of the 10th Duke featured the four evangelists with their symbols within roundels in the top third of the design of each window. The central light depicted the Lamb of God carrying a banner, which represents the resurrection, Jesus victorious over death. At the bottom of the window were inscribed the words LAUS DEO.

Window depicting St Matthew Window depicting St Mark Middle lancet - the Good Shepherd Window depicting St Luke Window depicting St John

West End

High at the West end is a circular window. It comprises eight quatrefoils containing coloured glass and surrounding a cinquefoil centre containing five angel faces around the IHS symbol.

Below this are two lancet windows with painted window heads. The one on the left depicts the Nativity and in the window recess is inscribed:

This window was put in by
Mrs. Webb of Newstead
in token of her affection for
Sybil Mary, Duchess of St. Albans.

The right hand window depicts the Ascension and on the window recess is inscribed:

Erected by
Elizabeth Catherine,
Duchess of St. Albans
and Lady Diana Beauclerk
in fond memory of
their beloved daughter
and sister.

Low down between the lancet windows are two smaller, coloured windows which are part of Duchess Sybil’s memorial porch.

The remainder of the glass in the church is clear.