Bestwood Emmanuel

List of Incumbents

Name Position Years Patron
George Browne Vicar of Lenton * 1869-1874 Crown
William Richard Cripps Perpetual Rector 1874-1885 Duke of St Albans
Archibald Stewart Hawthorne Rector 1886-1912 Duke of St Albans
Fredrick Richard Pyper Rector 1912-1914 Crown
Fredrick Bray Wardle Rector 1914-1932 Crown
Bertram Adam Hill Rector 1932-1937 Crown
William Edward Augustus Pugh Rector 1938-1944 Duke of St Albans
James Stanley Lemon Rector 1946-1949 Trustees
Albert Edward Lewis Rector 1952-1959 Trustees
Eric Davey Rector 1959-1965 Trustees
  ** 1965-1980  
J.E.M. Neale Team Rector *** 1980-1982 Trustees
Michael John Brock Team Vicar 1982-1990 J. E. M. Neale
Robert White Yule Team Vicar 1991-1996 The Patronage Board
Beverley Ann Stark Team Vicar 1997-2004 The Patronage Board
Peter Alexander Huxtable   2005-2010  
Elizabeth Snowden   2010-2016  

* Under the supervision of the Rev George Browne who was Vicar of Lenton in which parish Emmanuel church was situated.

** Under the administration of the Rev M G Hare-Duke and the Rev William Walker, Vicars of St Paul’s, Daybrook

*** The Rev J E M Neale was Team Rector of the area, based at St Matthew’s, Bestwood.