St Andrew


The church has a ring of six, mounted in the Tower. The Tenor strikes the hours and once for half past the hour.

         Inscription Size Weight Notes
1 F 

In memory of Terry Smith & Ken Rickuss

  3.2.25 Cast 2003 by Taylors of Loughborough
2 E flat

Cast 1896

  3.2.6 By Mears & Stainbrook, London. Formerly in the church of All Saints, Co Durham. Installed 2002
3 D flat

John Stut gave this bell

  3.2.2 Cast 1629 by Thomas Norris of Stamford. Formerly in the church of St Leonard, Apethorpe, Northants.
Donated by the Southwell Diocesan Guild of Bellringers. Installed 2000
4 C


30" 4.3.19 By George I Oldfield of Nottingham
5 B flat


33.25" 6.0.7 By Henry II Oldfield of Nottingham
Southwell Patron Bell hung 1612
6 A flat

All men that heare my mornful sound repent before ye lye in ground 1641

36.25" 7.3.9 By George I Oldfield of Nottingham

The 4th, 5th and Tenor had been fitted in the first half of the 17th Century, though there is some evidence that Caunton had a peal before the Reformation. It has been suggested that these bells had differing dates because they were recast as they became cracked or unserviceable.

There is no mention of work on the bells in the 1869 restoration, though the tower was re-roofed. In 1936 these bells were rehung in a fabricated steel frame by Gillet & Johnson, but arranged for chiming. This is believed to be the result of concerns about the lean to the west of the tower.

In the 1990s there was a revival of interest in bellringing. An engineering survey revealed that the tower was stable, so fundraising with a target of 6 bells was undertaken to celebrate the millennium. First the bells were fitted with half wheels for full-circle ringing. Secondly a ringing gallery was constructed at first floor level, the door opening from the spiral stair (to clock floor, bell floor and tower roof). Then a new frame with space for 6 bells was installed of welded steel modules, designed by Peter Hayward of Hayward-Mills Associates. Finally the 3rd, 2nd and Treble bells were added in the early years of the 21st Century. Much of the money and work towards this upgrading was raised through local enterprise.