Lenton St Anthony


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Historical Pictures

Reconstruction drawing
of Lenton Priory church
Sketches of carved
stones at Lenton
Old Church (c.1820)
Drawing of the church
at Old Lenton in 1843
taken from a painting
Sketch of shields above
the west door (c.1915)
The church from
the south (c.1920)
South side of the
church in the 1920s
Interior of the church
in the 1920s
The sanctuary c1950
showing patterned walls

Modern Photographs

View of the church
from the south-east
The chancel and vestry
from the north-east
View of the church
from the north
View from the
The west end The entrance vestibule

The chancel

looking east

The chancel looking west
The interior
looking east
The interior
looking west
The north arcade
looking north-east
Detail of the
east window