Lenton St Anthony


Archival Sources

Nottinghamshire Archives

The records of St. Anthony’s Church, Lenton

Manuscripts and Special Collections, University of Nottingham

AN/PB 292/5/40 churchwarden presentment, Lenton, Nottingham deanery, 1596

AN/PB 292/10/39 churchwarden presentment, Lenton, Nottingham deanery, 1.8.1603

AN/PB 302/471 churchwarden presentment, Lenton, Nottingham deanery, 25.10.1628

AN/PB 298/340 churchwarden presentment & clergy presentment, Lenton, Nottingham deanery, 22.4.1642

AN/PB 309/657 parochial visitation order, Lenton, Nottingham deanery, 23.5.1718

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