Rolleston Holy Trinity


Archival Sources

Nottinghamshire Archives

770 Register of Robert Leband 1588-1614 with added comments on the entries, the weather, state of crops and price of grain, and other matters.

772 Register 1667-1728

773 Register 1754-1798

774 Register 1813-1837

775 Churchwardens’ Account book 1750-1818

776 Churchwardens’ Account Book 1819-1924

777 Constables’ Account Book 1685-1756

778 Constables and Overseers Account Book 1808-1830 with notes on history of Rolleston and Morton

779 Miscellaneous Account and Memoranda Book 1673-1712 (including assessment for militia 1682; scale of allowances for parish accounts 1681; account of Poor’s Money 1689; note of clerk’s wages 1673)

5974 Registers (Christenings and Burials) 1728-1797, Register (Marriages) 1728-          

1754 Terriers 1764, 1770, 1777

University of Nottingham Manuscripts and Special Collections

AN/PB 292/1/folio 10r/7

AN/PB 294/1/344

AN/PB 295/5/21

AN/PB 303/410

AN/PB 326/9/32

AN/PB 328/10/27

Published Sources

Much of the information has been taken from A Short History of The Village and Church of Rolleston, Nottinghamshire, with extracts from the Early Parish Registers (1931), compiled by E H S Longhurst assisted by E B Freckingham, and used with the permission of Mr Longhurst.

Mr Longhurst, son of a vicar of the parish, conducted extensive research into the history of the church and village from the 1930s onwards. He drew up many family trees from data he collated from the parish registers from about 1560 onwards, as well as distilling information from the hand written diaries and registers of clergy and churchwardens. He also researched the constables’ records for the village. When Mr Longhurst died at the age of 103, he gave his research documents and permission for his research to be published to Mr Frank Mitchell, a long term resident of the village.

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