West Leake St Helena

List of Incumbents

Year Rector Patron Remarks
1229 Henry de Gray Prior & Convent of Repton  
1240 John le Vavasour Prior & Convent of Repton  
1245 Walter le Vavasour Prior & Convent of Repton  
1251 Henry le Vavasour Prior & Convent of Repton died 1280
1281 Roger le Hengham Prior & Convent of Repton  
1298 Henry le Sutton Prior & Convent of Repton  
1308 Reymond Wm de Fergis Prior & Convent of Repton  
1347 Robert de Clypston King Edward III Repton Priory being vacant
1364 Thomas de Bildeston Prior & Convent of Repton  
1404 John de Barford Prior & Convent of Repton  
1441 John Torald Prior & Convent of Repton became Rector of Rempstone
1455 Richard Mysin Prior & Convent of Repton Bishop of York 1460
1462 Roger Smyth Prior & Convent of Repton died 1472,buried in church
1473 William Fitzherbert John & Richard Fitzherbert resigned
1476 Nicholas Fitzherbert Prior & Convent of Repton resigned
1517 Julian Crosby Prior & Convent of Repton last presentee of Repton
1554 Richard Walker Air John Porte  
1567 Matthew Hutton STP Archbishop of York Bishop of Durham 1589
1568 Thomas Baldwyn Sir George Hastings Knight through his wife Dorothy Porte
1598 Churstan Chapleyn Sir George Hastings Knight  
1612 John Davenant Henry Earl of Huntingdon Bishop of Salisbury 1621
1620 Edward Bigland Henry Earl of Huntingdon buried West Leake Aug 9 1650
1662 John Moorre Gervas Pigott Esq buried West Leake Aug 28 1667
1667 John Davys Lucy Countess of Huntingdon buried West Leake Oct 13 1717
1717 Michael Stanhope STP Frances Stanhope gt-gr-son of 1st Earl of Chesterfield
1737 Granville Wheler Theophilus Earl of Huntingdon  
1772 Robert Hemington   buried West Leake Jan 7 1775
1772 Edward Ellis    
1795 Theophilus Henry Hastings MA Francis Rawdon Hastings
Earl of Moira
hostility to local non-conformists
buried West Leake April 9th 1803
1804 George Holcombe DD & JP Francis Rawdon Hastings buried West Leake Feb 13 1836
1836 John Bateman MA John Bateman last Joint Rector of E & W. Leake
buried West Leake May 6 1882
1882 Henry Balfour Hamilton Lord Belper  
1909 Richard Owen Jones Lord Belper buried at West Leake July 31 1945
1932 Charles Herbert Vincent Brown Lord Belper Joined Benefice of West Leake
1932 Norman Wrigley Lord Belper Ratcliffe on Soar & Kingston on Soar
1938 Philip New Lord Belper  
1946 John Frederick Theodor Martin Lord Belper  
1951 Cyril Brailsford Lord Belper  
1955 Ieuan Williams Lord Belper  
1962 John William Mayer Lord Belper  
1968 Norman Copeland Lord Belper Priest in charge, Rector of Gotham
1982 David James Lord Belper Joined East Leake Benefice
1984 Stephen John Smith Lord Belper  
2000 Glynis Hetherington Lord Belper