Woodborough St Swithun

List of Incumbents

(Key to initials: C.I. Curate in Charge. Mort = Died in Office. Resig= Resigned. MA.= Master of Arts. LLd.= Doctor of Law. S.T.P.= Professor of Sacred Theology. DD = Doctor of Divinity. BD = Bachelor of Divinity. Ch.B = Bachelor of Chirurgioe. A.K.C.= Associate of King’s College.)


1320 Walter le Mauclerc
1320 Thomas de Ripon
1327 John de
1330 Robert de Bridlington & John de Godwyks
1364 John de Quernbyll C.I. Mort.
1410 Robert Rolleston C.I. Resig.
1426 Robert Pekok C.I. Mort.
1447 John Sutton MA. Resig.
1450 John Fisher C.I. Mort.
1492 Richard Nicks C.I. LLd. Resig.
1497 Marc Hussie C.I. Resig.
1499 John Wigmore C.I. Resig.
1499 Will Carpenter C.I. Mort.
1507 George Dudley C.I.
1540 Resignation of Prebends to King Henry VIII
1558 Matthew Tocke (made Prebend after restoration of Canons)
1576 Humph Fowler C.I. Resig.
1600 Thomas Jegons C.I. MA. Resig.
1604 Edward Hutton C.I. MA. Resig.
1625 John Chadwyk S.T.P. DD. Mort.
1631 Peter Measell C.I. BD.
1640 Oliver Cromwell ejected the above Prebend
1660 Francis Leake C.I. MA. Mort.
1671 Henry Smyth C.I. MA.
1702 Ely Stansfield MA. Mort
1719 Robert Ayde MA. Mort.
1761 Hon. Robert Sherard MA. Resig later became Earl of Harborough
1778 William Becher MA.
1821 Edward Gerrard Marsh MA. Mort.
1841 Prebend suppressed - no further Prebends following death of Edward Gerrard Marsh in 1862

Vicars & Curates

No records survive of Vicars and Curates appointed before the 17th Century probably due to the destruction of Church property during the Cromwellian rebellion. The Prebend of Woodborough in Southwell Minster did not serve the Parish himself, but appointed a Vicar or Curate as his deputy.

1470 Robert Dyson - Vicar Choral
1535 Henry Gibbonson - Vicar Choral
1623 William Heardson
1637 Samuel Kendall
1640 Benjamin Kaylor MA.
  Un-ordained Puritan ministers introduced by Parliament
1654 Thomas Ogle BA.
1655 James Stephenson BA. & Daniel Jackson
1656 Henry Walker
1657 John James
1659 John Allott
1664 Gerard Didsbury - first Curate appointed after restoration of Monarchy
1690 Edmund Davies
1705 Joshua Moss
1717 Thomas Elcock MA.
1736 John Anyon
1741 Maurice Pugh MA. Mort.
1766 William Leybourne B.A.
1771 Richard Oldacres Mort.
1784 Charles Fowler BA. Mort.
1785 Samuel Oldacres Mort.
1811 James T Hewes Mort.
1837 Samuel Lealand Oldacres

Following suppression of Prebends in 1841, Vicars Parochial became Vicars with stipends raised to £300 by grants from the Ecclesiastical Commission.

Stipendiary Vicars

1876 Frederick Good Slight MA. Mort.
189l Walter E Buckland MA.
1896 Samuel Bond MA.
1912 John Birch Jones BD
1919 Myles Atkinson MA.
1930 John Richard North Hooker BD.
1933 Leslie C. Rowan Robinson MB. Ch.B.
1947 Charles William Harrington
1950 Arthur John Evans MA
1957 Charles William Harrington
1964 James Foxcroft
1965 Alfred Ross Hayward
1972 Geoffrey Lewis Halliday L.Th.
1979 David Garratt AKC
1990 William Gordon Calthrop-Owen
2002 Michael Brock Priest in charge (Epperstone, Gonalston, Oxton & Woodborough)
2006 Anthony Richard Giles Priest in charge (Epperstone, Gonalston, Oxton & Woodborough)

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