Cotgrave All Saints


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Historical Images

The church interior
from before the
restoration of 1878
The interior of the
church looking
east, c.1905
The church from the
north-east, c.1905
The church from the
east, c.1930

Photographs from before the fire of 1996

The chancel Looking into the chancel,
with central altar in use
Eastward view
During a Flower Festival “Fish-eye” photograph,
looking east
The sanctuary

Recent Photographs

View of the church
from the south-east
View from the south The chancel and south
aisle from the south-east
View of the church
from the north-east
The church from
the north-west
The tower from
the south-west
The south porch Grave marker to Frank
Kirchin who died in
1875 aged 3 days
The chancel
looking east
The chancel
looking west

The interior
looking east

The interior
looking west
The East-end altar The font from 1878 The reset eagle from
the lectern (having
survived the fire)
The Christus figure