Holy Rood


All stained glass in the church is 20th century


East Window

Five-light stained glass (circa 1925) - Nativity, Transfiguration, Crucifixion, Resurrection and Ascension of Christ

In memory of Lawrence E. Turner and William Turner

North wall

Three-light stained glass (1914 - costing 63) - The Resurrection

In memory of James Bell (died 1913) and Katherine Bell (died 1910)

South wall

Three-light plain glass


North wall

Two-light stained glass (1906 - costing £30) - Christ on way to Calvary with Simon of Cyrene bearing Cross (in accordance with dedication of Church of the Holy Rood - Artists; Messrs Heaton, Butler and Bayne)

In memory of Thurman family

Two-light plain glass, high in centre (from clerestory)


Two-light centre plain glass

Singe-light east end plain glass

South Aisle

East End Window

Small two-light stained glass (circa 1960) incorporating small piece of plain glass from Flawforth Church, demolished 1773 - Suffer Little Children
In memory of Richard John Heath 1955 - 1960

South wall

The Halford thanksgiving windowTwo-light stained glass (circa 1919) commemorating victory in 1914 - 1918 War - St George and (East) St Martin

Given by Mr. & Mrs. Halford as thanks offering for safe return from the War of their two sons, Major Leslie R. Halford, MC and Major Frank B. Halford

The Brewill memorial windowSmall two-light stained glass window(circa 1924)

In memory of Lt. Col. Arthur Brewill, D.S.O.


West end

Two-light stained glass window - The Nativity and the Baptism of our Lord

In memory of Mrs. Freeth