Edwalton Holy Rood


Archival Sources

York (Borthwick Institute)

Wills (Milner 1512, Wright 1506, Pight 1522)

Nottinghamshire Archives

Parish Registers 1545 - 1968, various (microfiches to 1900)

Churchwardens Account Books 1725 - 1837

Surveyors Accounts 1812/5

Overseers and Constables Account Book 1813 - 1818

Terrier - 25th June 1770

Articles of Agreement of Choir - 1st January 1773

Letter and drafts to Charles Chaworth requesting permission to house 4 poor labourers in parish houses on Edwalton waste land and his agreement, 15th March 1768

Census Return 1831

Articles of Association for Prosecution of Felons - 9th July 1768

Terrier - 1908

Miscellaneous items of correspondence, etc.

Church of England Record Office, Bermondsey

Main file containing Articles of Enquiry, etc. for 1832, 1872, 1887 and 1921

Proposed union with Tollerton requested - reasons given 1929/30

Sale or lease of glebe

Augmentation of living

Lincoln Record Office

Faculty for taking down old house in churchyard - 1874

Lambeth Palace Library

Incorporated Church Building Society Records

Application for grant - 1894

University of Nottingham

Archdeaconry of Nottingham Court Books

Southwell Diocesan Archives

Faculties - post 1884

Holy Rood, Edwalton

Church Log Book

Terrier and Inventory - from 1936

Church Property Register from June 1999

Published Sources

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