St Peter and St Paul


The pipe organ stands on the north wall of the chancel A brass plate reads:

Appollnicon Rooms
Thomas J. Robson
Organ maker to Her Majesty
101 St Martin’s Lane, London

The organBought second-hand in 1887. Installed initially in the north aisle, it was moved to a new organ chamber in the chancel during the 1898 restoration. The organ was moved out of its alcove in 1987 in order to improve the sound volume.


The casework is oak and has a crenellated and grooved wooden pipe-shade across the pipe tower, and a plain impost. On either side of the console is a hinged brass candleholder. The sides are plain wood panelling. 19 diapasons to south front


Stepped jambs

Non-overlapping keyboard

Swell to great

Great to pedal

  Compass low Compass high Notes Enclosed
Pedal C C1 25  
Great C G3 56  
Swell C G3 56 Y
Department Stop pitch Pitch
Pedal 1 Pedal pipes 16
Department Stop name Pitch
Great 2 Open Diapason 8
  3 Dulciana 8
  4 Stopped diapason 8
  5 Stopped bass 8
  6 Principal 4
  7 Flute 4
  8 Fifteenth 2
Department Stop name Pitch
Swell 9 Open Diapason 8
  10 Principal 4
  11 Oboe 8

2 composition pedals

(Taken from the National Pipe Organ Register at Cambridge, Ref. N13601, and updated to a revised spec. by the current organist at Oxton - Perys Worth)