St Peter and St Paul


The fabric displays a rich miscellany of stone sources.

The tower is principally pale yellow brown and reddened Magnesian Limestone, a mixture of Mansfield and Linby/Bulwell (Permian) type sources, and high up there even appears to be blocks of Red Mansfield Stone. There is a repaired patch of large grey-green Sneinton (Sherwood) Sandstone blocks from the Triassic (?Gedling Quarry) in the lower courses.

The south aisle is largely local grey skerry sandstone from the Mercia Mudstone Group (Triassic). The original window and door mouldings are fine-grained Magnesian Limestone (probably Mansfield). Newer window mouldings are Mansfield White showing typical green clay seams.

The small porch is yellow Magnesian Limestone (Linby/Bulwell). The herringbone fabric is coarsely crystalline Bulwell/Linby Stone (Magnesian Limestone).

On the north side some of the windows and buttresses have sporadic oolitic and shelly Lincolnshire Limestone (Middle Jurassic) blocks.