Oxton St Peter and St Paul

List of Incumbents

Ministers of Oxton

Up to 1894

Robert 1256 (Belvoir MSS)
Thomas de Sancto The 15 years before 1300
(Belvoir MSS. Canons)
Gerard de Sesariaco
Reynaldus Arnaldi de Rana
Dus Lambertus Nigel Camby de Florentia
John de Ebrovicis
Galirid de Saneto Medardo
Cyncio de Pina
Bonet de Sancto
Simon de Curia Majori
John Landy. (Johannes filius nobil VIII
Landulphidi di Colonna or Columpna)
Sampson de Strelley 1309-10
William de Bekford (Beckford) 1341
William de Sloswy Kes 1355
William Hawberkes 1396
John Dandeby c1400
William Chaumpneys 1409
William Bothe 1421
John Thornton 1472-88
John Francis (Frauncis, Framuces) 1472-79
Richard Taylour (Taylior, Tallour) 1488-1514
Fitzherbert 1499-1514
Richard Cowper 1514
William Rowland  
William Dragley 1514 d. 1538
William Hopkinson (Hopkynson) 1535
Edward Bassett 1538
John Fitzherbert 1557
Hugh Thornhill 1557
Henricus Harvye 1559
William Hall 1560-68
James Bretton 1568-76
Richard Burges 1576-1614
Robert Huthwet (Uthet) 1614
William Jackson 1658
Latimer Cross 1675-87
John Oldham 1689
Thomas Toye 1695-99
George Ogle 1699–1706
Francis Burton 1706
John Lambe 1709-28
Henry Bugg 1737-43 Curate
Thomas Cooper 1742-46
Charles Clarke 1743 Curate
Thomas Marshall 1748-64
William Beecher 1765
Samuel Drake 1771
Richard Oldacres 1771 Assistant minister
James Bingham 1774-77
John Rogerson 1779 Curate
Ephraim Rogerson 1781 Curate
Ephraim Rogerson 1792 Vicar
John Hall Clay 1806-24
Robert Lowe 1803-09 Curate
Henry Howson 1812 Curate
Collingwood Forster Fenwick 1824-58
Moore 1828
John Downall 1833 Curate
G. Sandbach 1842 Stipendiary curate
Alexander Woodward 1844 Curate
Alexander Woodward 1845 Stipendiary curate
John Raven 1846
George Rawlinson 1848
Charles Farnsworth Nixon 1848-50
Henry Hall Tibbs 1851 Curate
Frederick Ffrench 1859-82
H Tibbs  
Joseph Alfred Halloran 1884-88 Perpetual curate

Living in the patronage of the Lord Chancellor, 1894

E R Mason 1888-97
Henry Percy Grubb 1897-1905
W Laycock 1906-14
David James Hunt 1915-43
L S Hawkes 1944-50
William Thomas Pope Wheeler 1950-52
Francis William Walton 1952-67
Noel Turner 1967-73
Ernest J Weil 1974-78 Priest in charge
John Edmond Owen Chandler 1979-85

United benefice with Epperstone, Woodborough & Gonalston, 1986

Arthur Marshall 1986-89
Michael Brock 1990-2005

Early Biographical details

In 1472, John Thornton was summoned to appear at Southwell on a count of perjury, the charge being that he had secretly married and that his wife was being passed off as his niece. He was found guilty and ordered to compurge himself before eleven witnesses.

The Vicar was articled in 1587 for not preaching once a quarter according to royal instructions.


The two Oxton Prebends were founded in Saxon times and augmented soon after the Norman Conquest. No revenues attach to the Prebends today.

Holders of the Prebend of Oxton Prima Pars

Stephen de Lexington. Abbot of Clairvaux 1215
Anglus Jacobi Barthol de Urbe 1289
Johannes Nob: Vir Landulfi de Columna 1289
William de Melton 1304
John de Ebroicis 1309
Nicholas de Oxton 1310
Robert de Nottingham 1323
Philip de Daventre 1355
Richard de Norwell 1365
Richard de Chesterfield 1365
Thomas de Oxgrave 1370
Thomas de Ikham 1370
Robert de Wolveden 1404
John Ixworth LL D 1404
Alexander Holles 1431
Richard Andrew LL D 1461
Edmund Chaterton 1476
William Talbot 1485
William Fitzherbert 1498
William Dragley 1514
Edward Basset 1538
Henry Harvye LL D 1558
Mathew Hutton S T P 1567
Clement Holder M A 1589
John Neyle M.A 1638
Richard Hook S T P 1675
George Mompesson M A 1688
Richard Levett M A 1762
Hugh Thomas M A 1749
John Josias Laborde 1780
Nathan Haines D D 1788
Richard Sutton M A 1806
John Jarvis Cleaver M A 1820
Diocese of Southwell was created in 1884

Hon. Canons (Prebend Prima Pars)

Thomas Skelton B D 1885
William Glaister M A, B C L. 1908
Thomas Gerrard Barber M A 1919
Sydney Cyril Bully M A 1946
Ronald J R Skipper 1952
Thomas Arnold Lee M A 1955
George Fry A K C 1958
Henry Wilkinson Pearson M A 1960

Holders of the Prebend of Oxton Secunda Pars

William de Clifford 1280
John de Eurous c1291
Robert de Nova-villa 1327
Henry de Edenestowe 1327
Henry de Ingleby 1351-2
John de Dandeby 1392
Thomas de Weston 1397
Thomas de la Warre 1397
Henry de Codyngton 1404
Thomas Moston 1407
Henry Bowet 1415
William Bothe 1416
John Rider 1421
John Pakenham 1442
Brandus de Castiliona 1442
William Brand 1454
Robert Stillington LL D 1457
Nicholas Gosse S T P 1459
John Sendale 1460
Rapph Brid 1462
John Bower. S.T.P. 1470
John Fitzherbert 1499
Robert ‘Sedis Hullensis episcopus’ 1558
Goddard Kiddall 1559
John Pratt. M.A 1563
Richard Remington. M.A 1599
Nathaniel Sampson. M.A. 1607
John Favour LL D 1611
John Favour M A 1623
William Holder 1660
Thomas Wren LL D 1664
William Stainforth M A 1697
Samuel Berdmore M A 1713
Joseph Atwell D D 1742
John Marsden M A 1768
Henry Forster Mills. M.A 1796
Frederick Anson M A 1827
Diocese of Southwell was created in 1884

Hon. Canons

Robert Joseph Knight. M.A. 1885
William Lumley Bertie Cator M.A 1894
George James Audomar D’Arcy M.A. 1919
Anthony Otter M A 1942
George Sprittles 1950
A.K.C.   Associate of King’s College, London
B.C.L.   Bachelor of Civil Law
B.D.   Bachelor of Divinity
D.D.   Doctor of Divinity
LL.D.   Doctor of Laws
S.T.P.   Professor of Theology