Thrumpton All Saints

List of Incumbents

As Thrumpton was a chapelry of Ratcliffe until the 16th Century it is probable that it was administered by a curate. A change took place in the 17th century following the fall of the Powdrells and later the Pigotts moved to appoint a preacher. From 1950 Thrumpton ceased to have its own priest the living being shared with Barton and later Gotham.

Robert Smythe 1553
John Fullsborer 1587
Hugh Blunt c1596-c1610
Vacant 1614
Thomas Goodwin c1617-c1642
Ferdinando Poole c1650-c1662
Vacant 1664-66
Philip Ormston 1667-72
Richard Wilson 1672-73
William Kayes, MA 1674-79
Gowin Knight MA 1679-83
John Gilbert, BA 1684-1723
John Savage 1723-47
Thomas Bentley 1748-77
John Topsham 1777-87
William Beetham 1787-98
Thomas Stevenson BA 1798-1804
John Henry Browne 1804-10
William Cantrell 1811-56
Richard Hall 1856-57
John Cartwright Jones 1857-63
Philip Henry Douglas 1863-1914
The Hon Frederick Ernest Charles, 10th Lord Byron 1914-41
Reginald Alfred Bidwell, MA 1942-47
Harold Theophilus Pritchard 1947-59 (with Barton)
Arnold Draper Hill 1960-64 (with Barton)
Stephen Timothy Forbes Adam 1965-70
Robin Philip Protheroe 1970-73
Andrew Norman Woodsford BA 1973-81
Alistair Sutherland 1981-96
Richard Spray 1996-2001
Steve Osman 2001-10
Richard Coleman 2011-

On the 24th January 1616 Gervase Pigott left £12 in his will for the maintenance of a preacher at Thrumpton.

An entry in the London Gazette for 24th December 1880 by the Ecclesiastical Commissioners states that a stipend of fifty pounds has been agreed for the vicarage of Thrumpton. This is in recognition of a benefaction of £2,300 which had been received together with a house. It is believed the benefactor was Lady Byron and the house was Church House, which is adjacent to the church.