Willoughby-on-the-Wolds St Mary and All Saints

Features and Fittings


The chancel looking east Rood screen
Aumbry in the
North Chapel
Piscina in the
North Chapel

The furniture in the sanctuary dates from the late 19th century.

Rood Screen

The oak rood screen was installed in 1920/21.

North Chapel


The north wall has an aumbry and single moulded rectangular niche, with further small recess.


The south wall has an ogee-arched piscina.

South Aisle



Piscina in the
south wall of

the south aisle

At the east end of the south aisle is an octagonal ashlar font with blind trefoil arched panels decorating the bowl.

It dates from the 14th century.


There is a piscina in the south wall of the aisle.

A brass plaque on the south wall of the south aisle near to the porch door commemorates work completed to the roof and stonework in 1981.

Wall Painting

Wall painting on the
south wall

There is a fragment of wall painting on the south wall of the south aisle.


Pulpit and lectern

Font Lectern

The carved oak pulpit and eagle lectern date from the late 19th century.

Reading desk

The reading desk has a brass plaque reading:

To the Glory of God and in dear memory of Jesse Marion Baldock, 1939

Royal Arms

The Royal Arms of King William IV are displayed on the west wall of the nave, above the tower arch.


Wall Paintings

Wall painting on the
north nave wall
Wall painting
on the east
nave wall

Although in poor condition two fragments of wall painting can be seen on the north and east walls of the nave.

The fragment on the north wall is probably an extract from Genesis 49:27:

Benjamin shall ravin as a wolf: in the morning he shall devour the prey, and at night he shall divide the spoil


Inside the main door on the left hand side are three brass plaques:

THIS CHURCH was repaired and the accommoda-
tion Enlarged in the year 1829 by which means 100
additional sittings were obtained, and in consequence
of a Grant from the Incorporated Society for pro-
moting the enlargement, building and repairing of
Churches and Chapels, the whole of that number
are hereby declared to be free and unappropriated for-
ever, in addition to 135 formerly provided.



Thomas Cupiss, Minister.


F. Robinson Esq.


Thomas Charles.





William Bryans.




The fabric of the Chancel was
rebuilt in 1891.

W. H. Richardson, Vicar.



Joseph Turner,




John Baker,


Cole A. Adams, Architect.



S. F. Halliday, Builder.



This Church was thoroughly restored,
completely refitted, the porch built &
a heating apparatus installed in 1908.

A. H. Millard, Vicar.



J. G. Baldock,




J. Sketchley,,


W. S. Weatherley, Architect.



John Thompson & Co., Builders.



Inside the main door on the right hand side is a further plaque inscribed:


North Aisle

A plaque outside the chantry chapel reads:

This 14th Century Chapel, dedicated to St Nicholas, was repaired in 1781.
Lord Middleton sent his own workmen who laid on a new roof.

Repairs were again carried out in 1984 to the monuments.


Wooden oak panelling screen divides the vestry from the main body of the church. A plaque reads:

Given by Sam Bryans and Margaret Johnson in Loving Memory of their devoted parents John Clarke and Annie Mary Bryans, 1953.


On the lefthand side of the ringing tower wall is a plaque that reads:

The Treble Bell of this Peal was given by his wife and relatives in Memory of Canon A H Millard, Vicar of the Parish, 1902 – 1942. Dedicated to the Glory of God on the 8th May 1966.

There is also a small brass plaque to commemorate the rebuilding of the weathercock in 2005:

In memory of Arthur Holt and Evelyn Cannell (neé Pye), both of St Helens, the cost being defrayed by Rita and Bill Holt.


There is a plaque in the porch that reads:

This Porch was built in 1908
to the Glory of GOD and as
a memorial to the Reverend
John Henry Killick who was
Vicar of the neighbouring Parish
of Prestwold and Hoton from
1870 to 1885.